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NBA 2K24’s city is the perfect ‘fantasy vacation escape’

Beach trip

NBA 2K24’s city feels more alive than ever, 2K’s VP of NBA development Erick Boenisch tells GLHF, with new factions, rewards, and more in store. Rep is back with some improvements as well, and like MyCareer mode, the entire experience is streamlined to make it more enjoyable.

Boenisch says the team wanted to make the ideal ‘fantasy vacation escape’ and drew inspiration from Miami for the city in NBA 2K24, with its beaches, bustling city, and vibrant culture. The city is 25 percent smaller than the previous sports game’s city, and Boenisch says it’s less of a chore to get around now. Fast travel is also still an option if manual travel is still too slow for you.

NBA 2K24’s factions are Rise and Elite, two rival teams with over-the-top themed arenas and some rewards that help improve your MyPlayer’s performance. Rise plays on an Atlantis-themed court, filled with statues and water motifs, while Elite set up shop in a nightlife-inspired futuristic arena illuminated with neon lights and, Boenisch says, “all the good vibes at night.” You start as an unaffiliated player, so you’ve got time to check out which faction appeals to you the most before making your choice.

A series of large, neon-lit arches overlook a brightly-lit arena with multiple basketball courts

Both factions face off at the end of a season, and the winning team gets a special item to boost a certain attribute for their MyPlayer, along with little memorials scattered throughout the city that highlight top performers during the finals.

Rep makes a return and is also more streamlined this time. You start as a rank 1 rookie and eventually work your way to the top 10, but it doesn’t reset anymore. Rep is tied to seasons and carries over every year. You earn rewards for ranking up rep when you’re affiliated, and these rewards have different bonuses depending on which faction you align with. One improves your shooting, for example, while the other faction’s rewards might center on ball handling.

The city introduces a few new modes as well. One is the Streetball Quest, a single-player experience that unfolds across three courts where you challenge a set of skilled opponents in unique challenges. Victory earns takeover perks for your MyCareer player. There’s also Starting 5, a brand-new online mode where you face off against another player in your same position aiming for the same goal – a point guard, for example, or a power forward.

NBA 2K24 launches for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on Sep. 8, 2023. If you're looking for more NBA 2K24, check out our coverage of 2K24's MyNBA, changes coming to the WNBA and MyTeam, a rundown of Mamba Moments, and what's new with skills.