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Age of Wonders 4: all Tomes of Magic

Check out which Tomes of Magic you can unlock in Age of Wonders 4
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Tomes of Magic are your key to technological progress in Age of Wonders 4: After researching three technologies from your first Tome of Magic, you can unlock another one and so forth. This way you slowly progress to higher tiers of magic, unlocking ever more powerful world map and combat spells, units, buildings, siege projects, and race transformations.

Each Tome of Magic belongs to one of the six Affinities in the game, which represent what your empire stands for. These are: Chaos, Order, Materium, Astral, Nature, and Shadow. Unlocking the second tier of Tomes of Magic from a specific Affinity requires you to progress through two Tier I Tomes of the same type. That means that focusing on one Affinity is going to get you to stronger magic faster, but some strategies (or role-playing goals) can be better executed when spreading your research far and wide instead of deep. The choice is yours.

Here are all Age of Wonders 4 Tomes of Magic you can unlock in the game.

Age of Wonders 4 battle.

To explore the deepest dungeons you'll require powerful units and spells found in Tomes of Magic.

Age of Wonders 4: all Tomes of Magic to research

Tomes of Magic: Tier 0 (Cultural Research)

A basic package of technologies and spells is unlocked through the culture of your faction. There is also a bunch of research that’s shared across all factions.

  • General Research
  • High
  • Industrious
  • Mystic
  • Barbarian
  • Dark
  • Feudal
  • Reaver [Empires & Ashes DLC]
  • Primal – Ash Sabertooth [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Dune Serpent [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Glacial Mammoth [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Mire Crocodile [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Storm Crow [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Sylvan Wolf [Primal Fury DLC]
  • Primal – Tunneling Spider [Primal Fury DLC]

Tomes of Magic: Tier I

Tier I Tomes of Magic give you a bit of a taste for how each of these paths is going to feel. They let you dip into the power of these different magic skills just a little bit, showing you what you can expect if you delve any deeper into them.

  • Tome of Pyromancy (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Horde (Chaos)
  • Tome of Faith (Order)
  • Tome of Zeal (Order)
  • Tome of Rock (Materium)
  • Tome of Enchantment (Materium)
  • Tome of Evocation (Astral)
  • Tome of Warding (Astral)
  • Tome of Roots (Nature)
  • Tome of Beasts (Nature)
  • Tome of Souls (Shadow)
  • Tome of Cryomancy (Shadow)
  • Tome of Evolution (Chaos and Nature) [Dragon Dawn DLC]
  • Tome of Alchemy (Materium and Nature) [Empires & Ashes DLC]

Tomes of Magic: Tier II

Tier II Tomes of Magic are where things are getting serious: minor race transformations, lots of great special units and spells, and more ammunition for role-playing.

  • Tome of Revelry (Chaos)
  • Tome of Mayhem (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Beacon (Order)
  • Tome of the Inquisition (Order)
  • Tome of Winds (Materium)
  • Tome of Artificing (Materium)
  • Tome of Amplification (Astral)
  • Tome of Scrying (Astral)
  • Tome of Fertility (Nature)
  • Tome of Glades (Nature)
  • Tome of Necromancy (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Doomherald (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Construct (Materium and Order) [Empires & Ashes DLC]
  • Tome of Fey Mists (Nature and Astral) [Primal Fury DLC]

Tomes of Magic: Tier III

Tier III Tomes of Magic throw you into the deep end as you suddenly find yourself completely changing how your faction looks and plays.

  • Tome of Pandemonium (Chaos)
  • Tome of Devastation (Chaos)
  • Tome of Sanctuary (Order)
  • Tome of Subjugation (Order)
  • Tome of Transmutation (Materium)
  • Tome of Terramancy (Materium)
  • Tome of Teleportation (Astral)
  • Tome of Summoning (Astral)
  • Tome of Vigor (Nature)
  • Tome of Cycles (Nature)
  • Tome of the Cold Dark (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Great Transformation (Shadow)
  • Tome of Dragons (Chaos and Nature) [Dragon Dawn DLC]
  • Tome of the Dreadnought (Materium and Chaos) [Empires & Ashes DLC]

Tomes of Magic: Tier IV

Tier IV Tomes of Magic allow you access to powerful buildings and units that will dominate your cities and armies. They will also change the way your empire looks, offering impactful terraforming magic.

  • Tome of Chaos Channeling (Chaos)
  • Tome of the Demon Gate (Chaos)
  • Tome of Exaltation (Order)
  • Tome of Supremacy (Order)
  • Tome of the Golden Realm (Materium)
  • Tome of the Crucible (Materium)
  • Tome of the Astral Mirror (Astral)
  • Tome of Astral Convergence (Astral)
  • Tome of Nature’s Wrath (Nature)
  • Tome of Paradise (Nature)
  • Tome of Oblivion (Shadow)
  • Tome of the Reaper (Shadow)
  • Tome of Severing (Materium and Shadow) [Empires & Ashes DLC]
  • Tome of the Stormborne (Nature and Astral) [Primal Fury DLC]

Tomes of Magic: Tier V

Tier V Tomes of Magic see you rise from a mere mortal spell caster to something more akin to a god – though with very different flavors. Armies of undead spring from the ground at your behest, entire forests come to life, and you’re no longer bound by the petty constraints of time.

  • Tome of the Chaos Lord (Chaos)
  • Tome of the God Emperor (Order)
  • Tome of the Creator (Materium)
  • Tome of the Arch Mage (Astral)
  • Tome of of the Goddess of Nature (Nature)
  • Tome of the Eternal Lord (Shadow)

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