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Alan Wake 2: Valhalla Nursing Home Basement lock combination

The quick and easy way to get the lock open in the Valhalla Nursing Home basement in Alan Wake 2
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Once you’ve made your way through the Wellness Center in Alan Wake 2 you’ll be able to chat with Rose on a bench up near the pond, and then you’ll know how badly you need to head into the Nursing Home’s basement. Valhalla Nursing Home is home to, well, old people, and one of them in particular has been corrupted by The Dark Presence.

That means the basement of the Nursing Home is even spookier than basements usually are. In this guide we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know to unlock the red box down here in the basement and move forward in the game.

Nursing Home basement lock code – AW2

alan wake 2 nursing home basement lock combination glhf (2)

The code for this particular lock is simply 273 – simple as that.

Read through below for how we figured out this lock code.

How to get the Nursing Home basement lock combination – AW2

alan wake 2 nursing home basement lock combination glhf (1)

This is one of the easiest lock combinations to find in the whole game, because the code is printed plainly on a document also found in the basement. Explore and make your way to the back wall – the basement’s deepest part – to find a note from Blum that lists the code as 273. Easy.