How the Animal Well Wingdings puzzle was sovled

Animal Well's most complicated secret has been solved, and it involved Wingdings
Wingdings / Bigmode

If you think you’ve discovered all there is to do in Animal Well, think again, as over the weekend the community solved its final, most complicated mystery (we think). If you’ve already dived deep enough to find the game’s 16 secret bunnies, then you’ll know they unlock a secret bunny platform locked behind the game’s true ending.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve reached the end of the game’s secrets once you get the ability to freely fly whenever you want, but there’s one more hidden location out there in the sky – but to get there, you’ll need to decode some Wingdings.

How to find Animal Well’s secret Wingdings

Animal Well Pedometer Wingdings
Eight Wingdings strings are scattered throughout Animal Well / Bigmode

Hidden all across Animal Well, there are eight secret messages written in Wingdings, and to unlock them you’ll need to do achieve some incredibly specific feats. Here is how to get them:

  • Reach the Pedometer in the top-right corner of the map with less than 100 steps on the counter. Unless you do this on a fresh save file, you will need to make the counter loop around to zero by pushing it above 99,999.
  • Unlock the cage containing the Wheel chest in the Bobcat room without freeing any of the cats from their cages first (you must play a specific song on your flute).
  • Repeatedly create bubbles all around any room containing a Hummingbird until it gets frustrated and speaks the code.
  • In the room with two dog statues and a big bowl with grass coming out of it, read the lines of grass like a barcode, and use your flute to play the following chord progression: 18756753 (1 being “up” and counting in a clockwise direction). Take the Mama Cha figurine, then get the Kangaroo to spawn in this room and fall into the hole. Throw a firecracker into the hole and the Kangaroo will speak the code.
  • Repeatedly start a new game and progress to where you can get the “Sneak” achievement by sneaking up on the Squirell and stealing its nut. Do this five times and you’ll receive the Wingdings message on the fifth successful attempt.
  • Set your PC or console’s internal clock to February 2 (Groundhog Day), then visit the Groundhog. On this day only, it will come out of its hole and gift you with a potion that grants you a permanent extra heart. Then accelerate your device to February 2 of the next year and you can take another sip to get yet another heart – you can do this up to four times. With four extra hearts, go to the Chameleon boss and get eaten by it. This is normally an instant death, but with the extra health you will be able to survive and receive the next code.
  • While at max health, eat a healing fruit 100 times. The player character will normally refuse to eat when at full health, but if you press the button three times, they will eat it anyway.

What do the Animal Well Wingdings messages do?

Animal Well House
The calandar on this wall is the key to dechipering the Wingdings / Bigmode

With the messages obtained, the community then had to work out how to decode them, as they were all different lengths. Eventually, they figured out it has to do with the calendar in the house that unlocks when you reach the game’s first ending. Each message can be transposed onto a different colored section of the calendar to make the following image:

Animal Well Space Map
The blue icons represent the islands, and the green line shows the path to take between them / Bigmode

This shows a map with the green line directing you from the bunny island (circled in red at the top) to the secret island at the bottom (circled in red at the bottom). Starting from the left-hand side of the bunny island, fly through the empty screens in the following pattern:

  • Left - Left - Up - Left - Down - Left - Up - Left - Down - Down - Right - Down - Right - Up - Right - Down - Down - Right - Up - Right - Down - Down - Right - Down - Left - Left - Down - Left - Up - Up - Left - Left

Do it correctly and you’ll land on a one-screen island with a digspot in the middle where you can use the top to unveil a time capsule. Open it and you’ll receive an audio tape that contains three messages. One from developer Billy Basso, one from publicist Dan Adelman, and one from publisher Dunkey.

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