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Atomic Heart: how to use the Scanner

How to use the Scanner and features you should know about in Atomic Heart
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Atomic Heart is the latest first-person adventure to launch on PS5, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass, which means everyone is playing. The trailers have evoked games like BioShock Infinite, which is usually a safe sign.

But you might run into an early roadblock: scanning. You get given a scanner thanks to a Neuro Polymer upgrade early on in the game, but it’s not immediately clear how to actually use the Scanner, or what it’s good for.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the Scanner in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has been mired in controversy. Recently, Ukraine moved to ban the sale of Atomic Heart.

How to use the Scanner – Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart scanner (8)

While using a controller, both looting items and using the Scanner is bound to R1/RB by default. A single tap and hold will bring up Charles, your glove, and allow it to loot the environment in a satisfying manner.

Atomic Heart scanner (4)

Once you get the Scanner ability, you will now need to double-tap and hold R1/RB in order to use it. If you do not hold the button, the Scanner will not fully initialize.

Scanner features you should know – Atomic Heart

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The Scanner’s most important feature is highlighting important elements in the environment. This includes enemies, interactable objects, and key items.

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If you also hold the Scanner while looking at an enemy, you’ll get a list of weaknesses, and items you can loot from them. The Scanner will also highlight enemies lying in wait before you notice them, so you should use it often.