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Balatro: what does the Blank Voucher do?

The Balatro Blank Voucher is a seemingly useless item with a big secret. Read on to find out what it does

It can take a while to wrap your head around the optimal strategies in Balatro. This simple-looking Poker deck-builder seems like it shouldn’t be that deep, yet all the ways you can customize your deck make it very complex. Among the many types of upgrades are the Vouchers. These shop items – usually the most expensive – give you a permanent buff for your run.

While most Vouchers are self-explanatory in what they do, there is one that seemingly doesn’t do anything at all. The Blank Voucher’s description simply reads “Does nothing?”, but players are right to question if there is some sort of secret to it.

We’ll explain what the Blank Voucher in Balatro does, and how to unlock its secrets.

What does the Balatro Blank Voucher do?

Balatro Jokers

Blank Vouchers can help you stack up powerful Jokers in Balatro.

The first 10 times you buy the Blank Voucher, it will do nothing. However, on the tenth time buying it, you will unlock the Antimatter Voucher.

This is one of the most powerful Vouchers in the game, as it gives you a permanent extra Joker slot. Jokers are the most powerful cards in the game, as they help you build up extra chips and multiplier bonuses, which is how you can beat the ridiculously high Boss Blinds the game puts in your way.

Normally you’re limited to just five, so having one extra slot can exponentially increase your scoring potential. So, whenever you see the Blank Voucher, you should buy it, as it will pay off in later runs.