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Once you are a few chapters into Bayonetta Origins you will be introduced to Colm, a friendly Wisp who tells you about his friends who have been captured by Faeries. If you wish, you can save Wisps as you travel around the world and they will then return to Colm at the Wisp’s Hideaway. Aside from the warm fuzzy feeling you get from saving them, they offer some great rewards.

If you talk to Colm after saving some wisps, he will give you some prizes. These include health upgrades and extra Avalon Drops, and Onyx Roses, but he is also holding a Moon Pearl and an Inferno Fruit. If you save all the Wisps, not only will you be rewarded with the Elegant Swan costume, but you will also unlock the last Remembrance. This will allow you to also unlock the Younger Days costume.


Here’s where you can find every Wisp in Bayonetta Origins.

Bayonetta Origins: All Wisp locations

There are 42 Wisps to find throughout the overworld of Bayonetta Origins. The majority of them you have to return to after you have all of the upgrades in order to collect them. There is at least one Wisp in each of the game’s main areas, so you will have to search high and low to find them all.


Chalkroot Hollow

There are four wisps to save in Chalkroot Hollow.

  • Colm - This is the first Wisp you find in the playground as you enter Chalkroot Hollow.
  • Bullseye - When you re-enter, the Hollow Bullseye will be stuck in a pipe. Shoot water in the bottom pipe to release him.
  • Vince - Enter Chalkroot Hollow from Sunspeckled Grove to find him sitting on a high platform. He wants 20x Mandragora Root before he will go to the Hideaway.
  • Kingsley - You will see a small pond in the Hollow that you can drain using the Water power. You will then need to use the Fire power on the roots in the stump in the tree to reach Kingsley and save him.

Faerieland Tower

There are six wisps for you to rescue in Faerieland Tower.

  • Captain - This wisp is inside a Tír na nÓg you complete as part of the main story. You have to talk to him near the path to the Sanctuary to save him afterward.
  • Metalhead - Another Wisp who is hanging out near the Sanctuary.
  • Big Nails - This one is in the middle of a big circular platform to the north of the upper area.
  • Fun Guy - On the upper part, you will see a single wizard-style Faerie guarding a fence Cheshire can break down. However, next to the fence is a wall you can pull down using Wood Cheshire. Enter that path and use Wood Cheshire again to pop the balloons and bring Fun Guy back to Earth.
  • Bruce - Once you have the Water power, go to the small pond on the right side of the Sanctuary. Use Wood Cheshire to pull the platforms across for Cereza, and the Water power to swim Cheshire across. Bruce wants 3x Blast Potions for your efforts.
  • Needy - A little way back from the Sanctuary, you can use the seesaw to reach a platform with a wheel on it. Turn the wheel to allow Cheshire to join you and save Needy.


There are six Wisps hidden in the Watchtower.

  • Nail - You will find Nail being bullied by some Faeries near where you first enter the area.
  • Candy, Double-O, Boxby - These three are all in the Tír na nÓg that you complete as part of the main story.
  • Wired - After you have the Stone power, you can return to the Watchtower to clean up the map. Use the seesaw to get to the left side of the map and climb the tower. You’ll find Wired and they want 2x Umbran Syrups to save them.
  • Lil’ Slug - Once you reach the Sanctuary, there is a large vine on the left that you can climb up. Slug is at the top and wants 99x Avalon Drops.

Forgotten Knoll

There are four Wisps to save in Forgotten Knoll.

  • Pinpoint - After you find the Hideaway, you will continue up a hill. Pinpoint is here and wants 5x Unicorn Horns. They have the squiggle above their head.
  • Snout - Soon after you get the Stone power, there is a room with breakable rocks. Break them to see a seesaw Cheshire can use to propel you up. Continue up here to save Snout.
  • Robin - There is an area with numerous jump springs that will take you up. Follow them to find Robin.
  • Machina - Go through the big top until you see a large spring that takes you to a much higher platform. You will need to go under a gate and then use your Ground absorb to clear the path to them.

Wyvern Falls

There are two Wisps to save in Wyvern Falls.

  • Plop - You’ll need the Ground power to get Plop. There is a round area where Faeries will attack you and a Ground wall you can absorb. Climb up to the layer above, past the blue flowers that eat you. Here you’ll find Plop.
  • Angel - On the mid level, walk around the pond and take the cage up. She wants 35x Onyx Roses to save her.

Overgrown Shrine

There’s just one Wisp in the Overgrown Shrine.

  • Trent - Use the Fire power to melt the ice that has a mysterious Wisp shaped shadow inside.

Jade Hill

There are two Wisps to rescue in Jade Hill.

  • Sprout - On the path where you first enter Jade Hill, there is a Water power to absorb. This is where you find Sprout.
  • Rattles - Not too far from the Sanctuary, there is an area blocked off by ice. Use Fire to clear the path to Rattles.

Púca’s Fortress

There are two Wisps to find in Púca’s Fortress.

  • Punk - There is an area on the left near the exit to Giant’s Basin full of ice blocks. Use the Fire power to melt the ice, and numerous Faeries will pop out. Eventually, you will find Punk’s block at the back.
  • Leatherhead - At the very top room filled with cog you can find Leatherhead. They want 40x Avalon Drops.

Ashenbark Woods

There are two wisps in Ashenbark Woods.

  • Patches - Return to Ashenbark when you have the Fire power. Take the top path, and when you reach the second tower with the rotating fire stack, take the first path on the left. Patches are down here.
  • Scott - Again, you will need the Fire power. This time take the bottom path using Fire absorb to find Scott.

Lake Nimueh

There are three Wisps in Lake Nimueh. In order to rescue most of the Wisps here, you will need the Water power to swim across the lake.

  • Mossy - One of the easier ones, just follow the path left of the Sanctuary.
  • Sawtooth - To the right of the Sanctuary there is a set of leaf stairs with platforms you need to repair at the top. Go through this path to find the Wisp.
  • Sir Toppie - Sir Toppie is standing on a claw-like stump out in the lake. He wants 25x Unicorn Horns.

Sunkissed Shore

Just the one Wisp in Sunkissed Shore.

  • Fishy - Can be found near the Sanctuary, but wants 50x Baked Geckos.

Leafy Nook

Also one in Leafy Nook

  • Holt - You will need the Water power in order to save Holt, and he wants 25x Onyx Roses.

Windy Knot

Another one in Windy Knot.

  • Flick - Near the exit towards Forgotten Knoll, Flick will be there wanting 15x Baked Gecko.

Giant’s Basin

One Wisp to be found here.

  • Cindy - Cindy is just left of the Sanctuary, but wants 3x Healing Tonics.

Sunspeckled Grove

Due to the weird sprawling nature of Sunspeckled Grove these are the hardest Wisps to find. There are five of them to rescue.

  • Snipster - Enter from Wyvern Falls and cross the bridge. You will need to dance to make the flowers grow here so you can access the higher platform.
  • Hardhead - Enter from Giant’s Basin into an area filled with roots. Break them down to find Hardhead.
  • Pipes - Enter via the bottom path from Lake Nimueh. Pipes will want 3x Demonic Mists.
  • Wrapper - Travel to the Sanctuary in Forbidden Grounds. Behind the Sanctuary there is a set of leaf platforms going up. Climb these and head left to find Wrapper.
  • Straight Edge - Enter from Lake Nimueh on the bottom path and you will come across a bridge you need to repair. Straight Edge is on the other side.