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BG3 Stop the Presses: full quest guide for Baldur’s Gate 3

Full guide for breaking into Baldur's Mouth and replacing the negative article about you in BG3's Stop The Presses quest
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Nasty rumors are being spread about you in Baldur’s Gate’s most popular newspaper, Baldur’s Mouth, and if you want to prevent the populace from judging you, you’ll need to change what the newspaper says in BG3.

The biggest problem is actually getting inside of Baldur’s Mouth and into the basement, mind, where you’ll find the printing press – then there’s the little matter of sabotaging things. For everything you need to complete Baldur’s Gate 3’s Stop The Presses quest, just follow our instructions below. And yes, you should Quicksave after every successful step.

Getting into Baldur’s Mouth Basement – BG3

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Right, so you’ll have a few options here, and it depends on whether or not you’ve been kicked out yet. Editor-In-Chief Ettvard Needle will kick you out shortly after you first speak with him, and this means that it’s easiest to navigate this quest before you actually finish a conversation with the man.

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If you haven’t been kicked out yet, you can have one of your party members speak with Ettvard, and another sneak behind him and pickpocket the Ink-Spattered Key from his inventory. This opens the door downstairs, though you’ll either need to be invisible or distract the guard with another party member to get down. For obvious reasons, all of the above is easier when you split off one party member – preferably one that has access to either Misty Step or an invisibility spell.

If you’ve been kicked out already, picking Ettvard’s pocket will be very difficult. Instead, to the left of the main entrance to Baldur’s Mouth, just inside, there’s an elevator behind a locked gate, and this will also get you downstairs if you pick the lock or use something to get through the gate and activate the lever.

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Invisibility helps in this area, as there are two Steel Watchers on patrol. However, if you can’t use invisibility, you can evade their gaze entirely by using turn-based mode and observing their patrols. When they turn around, there are spots where you can stand and slip past without being seen at all. Remember, you’ll be able to see their vision cones highlighted in red on the floor when using the Hide ability. You can also ghost your way past their cones entirely with Misty Step, or any invisibility method.

Head down the first corridor and through the door – make sure to close the door behind you so you don’t get spotted inside when invisibility wears off. You can break or move the boxes against the wall to enter the next room easily.

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While in the second room, make sure to search the room in detail. At the back you’ll find “Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen,” a necessary item for this quest. Make sure to pick it up!

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Head through the second corridor and you’ll find the Printing Press – it’s enchanted and can talk to you. Because of course it is. If you previously met and helped Dolly, that’ll give you a massive advantage in this situation. The Printing Press will immediately be friendly towards you, and allow you to replace the current article it’s printing – a nasty one about you – with “Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen.” Make sure not to insert “Curse-breakers or Curse-makers?” or “Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing” as these articles are both about you – and negative.

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Once you’ve inserted the new article you can exit the basement – try not to get caught – and fast-travel away once you’ve made it out of the basement – just make sure to get the rest of your party back, if you’ve left them chatting with Ettvard. This will entirely prevent Ettvard from spreading false rumors about you to help Lord Gortash.

Where to find replacement article for Stop the Presses – BG3

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If you’re just here for the replacement article location and don’t want to read what I’ve written above – it’s okay, I understand. You can find the “Cutest Cat You’ve Ever Seen” replacement article in the small room opposite the Printing Press room, at the back on the table.