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Baldur's Gate 3: what does the Strange Ox do in BG3?

Strange Ox locations and what to do with them in Baldur's Gate 3

As you explore in BG3, it’s likely that you’ll eventually find an interesting character called the Strange Ox. There are, in fact, at least two such creatures that we know of in the game – and there may very well be more hidden away. Getting on their good side can lend you good rewards, but it’s not easy to do so.

We’ll explain what to do in both Strange Ox encounters, and what you can potentially get out of it.

Emerald Grove Strange Ox – BG3

BG3 Strange Ox

Likely the first Ox you’ll encounter, you can spot this Ox by passing a Perception check, but failing that, it’s the furthest one from Emerald Grove’s entrance. If you interact with it normally, you won’t get very far, instead, you’ll need the ability to speak with animals, which can be done either by drinking a potion or you can get it as a Level 1 Druid spell.

Either way, chatting with this Ox won’t get your very far, as it’ll be annoying and elusive with details, even if you pass Persuasion or Deception checks on it. If you’re a Druid, it will claim to be a Druid using Wild Shape, but that may not be true.

Of course, you can always kill it. Doing so will get you the Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring, which gives you a boost to all checks while disguised. However, all of the Tieflings will immediately become hostile and attack you, so maybe think twice. That said, if you resolve the conflict between the Druids and Tieflings, the area will become virtually empty, so you can slaughter the Ox in peace.

Last Light Inn Strange Ox – BG3

BG3 Last Light Inn Strange Ox

Again, it isn’t tricky to find this one, as it’s sitting in the stables in the rightmost stall. Chatting to this one is a little less fruitful, but you still need to do it if you want a reward. This Ox will be much more hostile, and no matter what dialogue options you choose, it will eventually transform into a strange blob and attack you.

It’s a surprisingly tough enemy, but when it attacks, everyone nearby in Last Light Inn will help you out – just be careful not to let anyone important die like Isobel or Dammon.