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The release of Warzone 2 is imminent and, in addition to the all-new Al-Mazrah map, the popular battle royale game’s sequel brings a number of new game mechanics that should freshen up the gameplay. Among these features is the ability to subject enemy players to interrogation. This is exactly as dark as it sounds – but not really surprising for a series in which you commit war crimes on the fly.

So, what is the point of interrogation in Warzone 2 and how does it work?

Warzone 2: How to interrogate enemies

To interrogate an enemy in Warzone 2, you first have to damage them severely – only when the foe is down on the ground and close to death, they can be sharply questioned. Approach your now helpless opponent and press the button that lights up as you come close. Be careful, otherwise you might press the wrong one and give a coup de grâce instead, which would be a bit beside the point. Dead men tell no tales, after all.

Your operator will then hold a knife to the enemy's throat and pull out an electronic device with a loading bar – so no actual scenes of torture will be shown, don't worry. Once the loading bar is full, you've completed the interrogation. You just downloaded your foe’s brain or something, it’s really not entirely clear what exactly is going on.

The mechanic works not only in battle royale mode, but also in DMZ, the game’s new extraction game mode.

Warzone 2: What's the point of interrogation?

Why should you take the risk of making yourself vulnerable during an interrogation? Well, as a reward for such an action, you will receive information about the whereabouts of the teammates of the player you just interrogated. Red pings mark their locations on your mini-map and you’ll see the silhouettes of their operators as well as of any equipment placed by that squad for a short time.

This effect ends when the interrogated user dies or is revived, so be sure to act quickly on the intel you gained.

Warzone 2: Can you do counter-interrogation?

As the interrogated player, there's little you can do – after all, you're lying on the ground bleeding with a knife to your throat. Nevertheless, during an interrogation you may shout for help, which will alert your teammates to your predicament. This will show them the location of the would-be torturer, marking them as an easy target.

In Warzone 2 it's more important than ever to work together as a group: Protect your comrades to keep your own position hidden. And don’t be cross to any teammates ratting you out – they have little choice in the matter.