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COD MW3 Zombies: How to purge Aether Nests in MWZ

How to quickly and easily purge Aether Nests in Modern Warfare III's MWZ Zombies mode
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has a huge Zombies mode map that is hiding more secrets than we can count. Pet Dogs and free perks are cool, but an easier to tackle hub for rewards are Aether Nests.

Aether Nests can be found all over Urzikstan during MWZ, and each of them is hiding a few unique rewards that could be just what you need to overcome the Zombie horde. They’re also pretty uniquely dangerous, too, often filled with gas and will spawn Zombies at a high rate.

So to grab those rewards make sure to follow this guide so you can purge Aether Nests as fast as possible and escape with the rewards.

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How to spot Aether Nests – MW3 Zombies

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Aether Nests can be found all over the map and are marked on the map with a hexagonal icon with a virus inside. Houses and sometimes sections of larger buildings can be Aether Nests, but they can all be purged the same way. If you pass by some doors with gas spewing out, rest assured that it’s an Aether Nest.

Get a Gas Mask – MW3 Zombies

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The first thing you’ll need is a Gas Mask. You can’t avoid getting in the gas when purging an Aether Nest, and while you could do it without one if you’re fast enough, the Zombies will make that difficult. Better safe than sorry: mask up before you enter. They can be purchased from Buy Stations or stolen from mercenaries.

Destroy Aether Cysts – MW3 Zombies

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Once inside the Aether Nest you can look around and find Aether Cysts – these are large white sacks of pus, essentially, and need to be popped like a bad spot in order to purge the Aether Nest. They can be on the floor, ceiling, walls, and even in different rooms, so make sure to explore thoroughly. Once all Aether Cysts are destroyed, the room will stop being moldy.

Get rewards – MW3 Zombies

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Once the Aether Nest is purged all of the loot chests that are inside the Aether Nest will be able to be opened, and they usually have far better gear than what you’ll find lying around the map. Clearing an Aether Nest is a great strategy as you start playing MWZ.