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Which are the best weapons in Dead Island 2? Not an easy question, not simply because of the sheer quantity of weapons available in the game, but also because it really depends on your playstyle and the feeling of power they’re able to give you.

During our playthrough, we had weapons that made us feel invincible - and that’s the kind of weapon you’ll always want to keep in your inventory, repair from time to time, and even upgrade at every available workbench.

Others, despite being much better on paper, just didn’t feel right - that’s the case of baseball bats. So, based on our experience through the game, here are the best weapons in Dead Island 2, and some tips we wish we knew before getting started.

Dead Island 2: Tips for picking weapons

Dead Island 2’s weapons are listed per rarity - from Common, Uncommon, Rare, up to Superior and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the higher the number of special attributes you’ll be able to install at the workbench. Some of them will even come with pre-installed perks.

Our tip is to always have a good number of guns, which will start popping up through the second half of the main quest, and at least a couple good melee weapons - that’s because you’ll always want to be ready for a close-ranged battle.

Guns are not subject to durability, which represents a good pro for them, but you’ll need ammo. Ammo is not particularly rare, as you’ll find more in the world and at vendors.

The best melee weapons you should go for are edged weapons. Install perks increasing their durability, and different elemental mods for all of those in your inventory. This will allow you to overcome several zombies’ immunity to certain elements.

Just ignore knives, claws, and other weapons requiring you to stay too close to zombies: the undead will be able to fight you back as you slash them, and if you’re too close, you’ll suffer major damage without causing too much. It’s simply not worth it.

O-Kami and Whiskey is one of the best bladed weapons in the game

O-Kami and Whiskey is one of the best bladed weapons in the game

Don’t forget to play some side quests, as you’ll not only earn experience, but also be rewarded with special weapons from time to time. For example, you can get the O-Kami and Whiskey as part of “The Ballad of Rikky Rex,” which is quite powerful but, most importantly, it’s sold at $5,625.

Dead Island 2: Best weapons

That said, we enjoyed our time with the Red Dragon shotgun (level 22, it comes with 466 Power, which is a lot), the Mutilator Pickaxe (424, Cremator mod installed), the Mindblowing Nailgun (453, Cremator), and the Damaging Pitchfork (391, Cremator).

When speaking about guns, give priority to the Sporting Rifle (341, level 20), and maybe have a couple of them in your inventory and install different elemental mods so they’re ready for any enemy. Also, make sure to buy Nailguns as soon as they pop up at vendors - these have impressive fire rates.

The same goes for the Quick Pistol (425, Cremator, level 22) - it doesn’t come with massive damage, but it’s one of the fastest guns in the game, and ammo is widely available.