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Survival horror fans are really eating this season, and sandwiched between The Callisto Protocol and the reimagining of Resident Evil 4, we’ve got a faithful remake of Dead Space to tide us over.

Dead Space is a lot like those other two games. You’ll tactically manage a range of weapons while dismantling foes in a run-down space station. It might be familiar to us now, but Dead Space felt truly new and refreshing when it first launched, so let’s hope it can do the same again now.

Dead Space is due to launch on January 27, and below we’re breaking down all of the preload and release time info you need to know.

Dead Space Remake preload times on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Limb dismemberment is a key mechanic in Dead Space.

Limb dismemberment is a key mechanic in Dead Space.

The official Dead Space Twitter account has already confirmed when player can begin preloading the game, and everyone that has pre-ordered on Xbox should find that they can begin preloading the game right now.

For PlayStation and PC players however, preload will open up on January 25. Just check our list of times below for the specific time you can preload Dead Space on Xbox and PC in your time zone.

January 25

  • PST: 8am
  • EST: 11am
  • GMT: 4pm
  • CET: 5pm
  • IST: 9:30pm

January 26

  • CST: 12am
  • JST: 1am
  • AEDT: 3am
  • NZDT: 5am

Dead Space Remake release time

Anti-gravity sections mix up the action.

Anti-gravity sections mix up the action.

Right now Steam and Xbox don’t have specific unlock times, though it’s likely to be a simultaneous global release for both.

For PlayStation it’s more likely to be a local midnight release, however, for now the US PSN page for Dead Space states a release time: 4pm UTC, January 27. It’s possible that this is a placeholder for now, but it’s the best estimate we have for a confirmed global release time for Dead Space.