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Throughout The Devil In Me’s story, you’ll be presented with a bowl and other clues about the existence of a dog. Her name is Connie, and you’ll want to protect and save her because she’s a dog. But you’ll also unlock the “Happier Ending” achievement or trophy. In this guide we’re breaking down what you need to do in order to save Connie.

Despite a first turbulent meeting with Mark, where it doesn’t really matter which choice you’re making, Connie the Dog won’t be hostile. In the story sequence immediately after that, you’ll meet her again in the farmhouse, where you’ll play Jamie.

How to save Connie in The Devil In Me

You’ll hear the dog yelping and you’ll be able to set her free, as she was somehow stuck in the furniture. While you’re doing this, you’ll see the serial killer slowly coming to the house, and Jamie will need to find shelter in the pantry.

The poor dog will start making some noise as she notices the evil figure slowly approaching, and you’ll be presented with two choices for how you should handle this. Jamie will find a bottle shard, and then you’ll be able to:

  • Use it against Connie by aiming at her
  • Wait for the time to run out without doing anything

How to unlock the “Happier Ending” achievement in The Devil In Me

Should you use the improvised weapon, the noise will instantly stop, and the killer will go away. However, this will kill Connie the dog. Should you do nothing, the killer will find you, but he won’t be able to catch you, and Jamie will still manage to run away. So, keep your nerves, and it’ll be a win-win scenario.

At the end of the game, you’ll find Connie among the survivors, and you’ll also unlock the “Happier Ending” achievement or trophy. But, most importantly, you’ll have a new friend to keep you company forever…