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Act VI was very long, wasn’t it? Not so much because of the size of the levels themselves, but because of the sheer number of bosses you meet in this Act. You seemingly encounter more bosses in this Act than in the rest of the game combined.

Everything you have seen and played so far leads precisely to this: the final boss fight with Lilith. Having read our guides to Astaroth, Brol, Andariel, Elias, Uznu, and Duriel should have already prepared you for this momentous event.

Act VI is particularly challenging, and Lilith is its worthy closure, so you might still need a little help. Which is what this guide is for, of course. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to defeat Lilith in Diablo 4’s Act VI.

Make sure you check out our tips and tricks for Diablo 4, as they can help you get through tough boss fights like this one without too much trouble. If you’re thinking of trying again with a different class, you should also take a look at what we think is the best starting class in Diablo 4.

How to beat Lilith (Phase 1) - Diablo 4 final boss guide

Lilith is the only two-phase boss in the game, but should you get through the first and perish, a checkpoint system allows you to restart directly from the second. The first phase is significantly easier than the second, but that doesn’t mean you can get complacent — she still hits very hard.

Lilith’s moveset includes:

  • Attacks from a distance in thin streaks on the floor – you can slip in between and take advantage of the attack’s charging time to strike
  • At close range, she will try to hit you with her wing
  • Spike attacks on the ground, which you should dodge as they can massively slow you down, and open a window for more hits

Lilith has a five-segment health bar, and toward the second, she’ll start flying and summoning powerful enemies on the ground. You’ll need to be very patient, and don’t let the horde overwhelm you. If you’re playing as a Druid, our best Druid build guide is particularly useful for crowd control in this fight. If you’re playing as any other class, just don’t be afraid to pop your ultimate skill to keep the hordes at bay.

Another thing worth noting is that the ground grids are constantly changing patterns, so don’t rely on your memory to guess which direction you should move in for a last-minute dodge. After flying around for a while, Lilith will quickly land and go for a very strong AOE attack. Be patient, keep an eye on your health, and use your potions wisely.

How to beat Lilith (Phase 2) - Diablo 4 final boss guide

In her second phase, Lilith will attack you only from above, if you keep the right distance. She’ll leave streaks of rot on the ground that she will eventually set on fire while flying over them, and then throw the flames at you.

Compared to the first phase, the boss room is now obstacle-ridden, packed with explosive boils. An attack from above will see Lilith dropping another explosive bubble. Even more than before, you’ll need to attack from a distance and use your mobility, both of which are key to beating Lilith. We strongly recommend melee fighters team up with a friend for this fight, as being up close and personal with Lilith is an express ticket to hell.

When you get through half of her health bar she’ll begin to draw you into a corrosive vortex, and with the arena getting smaller and smaller, it’s tough to dodge. The Sorcerer’s blink ability will come in handy here, and even a small movement speed boost on any character will do wonders to help you survive.

As you get closer to the end, the explosive bubbles begin to release red blasts in all directions, with increasing intensity. Again, you should always be on the move, and with the exploding bubbles, dodging a little earlier than you’d typically do, as these take far less time to burst.

Lilith is definitely not an easy boss fight, but at least it’s made easier by the checkpoint between the two phases. If you’re playing as a Necromancer, you’ve got a much better chance of survival, as you can focus on dodging and let your minions put in work. If you’re playing as anything else, well, god help you.

Follow our advice above, and you will surely succeed in defeating Lilith in Diablo 4’s Act VI.