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Enshrouded amber location and amber farming tips

Head for the hills

Finding Enshrouded amber is something you’ll want to do as soon as you can, as it’s the key to unlocking powerful magic and gear in the survival game. The rare resource takes some prep work to harvest, though, and you can expect plenty of trips to the same few places to get what you need.

Our Enshrouded amber guide points out where to find amber quickly and what you can do with it.

How to get amber in Enshrouded

An Enshrouded amber node is shown, with veins of amber-colored stone streaking through dark brown rock

Look for the bright, amber (of course) colored veins in the fog.

The only way to get a fair amount of amber on a regular basis is by farming it in the Revelwood area, but if you travel there unprepared, the shroud will consume you. You need to reach Altar Flame level three before you can safely make it through the Revelwood shroud, and you need to craft a Shabby Pickaxe. The Shabby version is the pickaxe’s second-tier upgrade, and the blacksmith requires metal scraps to make it.

Enshrouded amber location

A map showing where to find amber in Enshrouded's Revelwood location

Most amber nodes are near the Revelwood Ancient Spire.

So far, I’ve only found amber deposits in a handful of places around Revelwood, a sort of loose network of amber that makes a wonky reverse L-shape around the Ancient Spire. I found amber in the top three spots, and while I didn’t run across it at the southern part marked on the image above, several players say it’s there. Take a detour and see for yourself when you’re in the area, just in case.

Enshrouded amber farming tips

Since each amber location is near the region’s Ancient Spire, make sure to clear the area and unlock the spire as a fast travel point. Amber, like other resources, does respawn after a while, though we haven’t worked out the finer details just yet. 

Two real-world hours seems to be the average time it takes for amber and other resources to respawn, though we’ve also run into spawn bugs that affect time. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have to wait a full, real-world day before you can get more amber.

What is amber for in Enshrouded?

You’ll need amber for your Flame level and some useful equipment, including:

  • Healer armor
  • Mage armor
  • Fireball 2
  • Fireball Eternal
  • Flame Level 4