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Enshrouded: how to get Ammonia Glands

How to get Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded

To grow your base, increase your strength, and get other bonuses, you must sacrifice various resources to the flame altar to strengthen it. It starts off asking for some basic resources, but eventually, you’ll need to explore far and wide to get your hands on everything you need.

Ammonia Glands are some of the more difficult items to get your hands on, as they only drop from a particularly strong shroud enemy. We’ll tell you where this enemy spawns and the best way to get Ammonia Glands from it.

Where to find Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded

An Enshrouded player character cautiously ventures into a mine, wielding a magic staff that glows with fire

Ammonia Glands drop from the quadrupedal red-mushroom enemies. These monsters roam around the shroud and can take you down quite quickly if you’re not prepared. You can find them in a few different areas of the shroud, but the most reliable location we’ve found is in the Umber Hollow.

This is the shrouded area directly south of the Nomand Highlands Ancient Spire, shown on the map above.

These enemies drop a good number of Ammonia Glands when you kill them – typically four or five – but you can actually get more if you go around its body and break the mushroom spores on its body when it’s still alive, as each one broken will drop another Ammonia Gland. For that reason, we recommend you fight with gear optimized for ranged combat, as it will make life a lot easier.