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Enshrouded East Lapis: Where to find the Weaver’s Cottage

Looming danger

Reaching Enshrouded’s East Lapis town is only part of the challenge when finding the survival game’s Weaver’s Cottage and its loom. With no quest markers and a mid-sized town full of buildings that look the same, the quest can quickly get frustrating.

Our Enshrouded East Lapis guide points out where to find the Weaver’s Cottage, with some tips for how to survive enemies inside.

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Enshrouded East Lapis location

A map showing where to find Enshrouded's East Lapis town

East Lapis is far to the north of the Kindlewastes Spire

East Lapis is near the Enshrouded map’s far eastern edge, north of Kindlewastes Ancient Spire and south of Vukah Canyon. The abandoned town is crammed with strong enemies who inflict status ailments, so make sure you’re well prepared with restoratives, strong weapons, magic, and good equipment before you get there.

The fastest way to reach East Lapis is by gliding north from the Kindlewastes Spire. With plenty of stamina, you should manage to clear most of the shroud and cut down on a good chunk of traveling by foot.

Enshrouded East Lapis: Weaver’s Cottage location

A yellow arrow points out the Enshrouded Weaver's Cottage location across the bridge in East Lapis

The other side of East Lapis is just as dangerous.

Fight your way to the broken bridge at the town’s eastern end. Climb up, defeat the enemies there, and glide across. The house you want is roughly the second one in from the eastern edge, and the words “Weaver’s Cottage” will appear on the screen when you approach it.

It’s also surrounded by spider-like enemies, so don’t think you’re in the clear just yet.

Enter the cottage when it’s safe to do so, head to the back, drop down the hole in the floor, and you’ll see the loom in front of you. Collecting it updates the quest, which directs you back to the Hunter, though if you’re still in good shape, you can keep exploring the area for more loot.

The loom unlocks several important crafting recipes, including fabric and a spinning wheel.