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Enshrouded FAQ: All your Enshrouded questions, answered

Enshrouded in mystery no longer

The long-awaited survival game Enshrouded is out in early access now, but if you weren't among those awaiting it for long and want to know what all the fuss is about, our Enshrouded FAQs is for you. Like a lot of early access games, Enshrouded launched in a slightly rough state with several questions about how it functions and what the future holds.

With over 1 million players diving in just after launch, that future is probably pretty bright, though Keen Games doesn't have a firm vision of what it looks like just yet.

Our Enshrouded FAQs list goes over some of your burning questions about what to expect in Keen Games' fantasy apocalypse.

If you're just getting started in Enshrouded and need a helping hand, check out our guides for where to find metal scraps and how to get more resin.

Does Enshrouded have multiplayer?

It does. Enshrouded lets you play with up to 16 people, and you can either host a server of your own or join friends. Enshrouded is single-player friendly as well, so you can go it alone if you’d prefer.

Can you play Enshrouded offline?

Yep! But only in single-player.

Is Enshrouded on Xbox and PS5?

Keen Games said Enshrouded will eventually launch Enshrouded on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, in addition to “other storefronts,” but the early access version is only available on PC via Steam.

Will Enshrouded be on Xbox Game Pass?

Keen Games didn’t mention plans to release Enshrouded on Game Pass when it does come to the Xbox ecosystem.

Will Enshrouded release on Nintendo Switch?

It seems unlikely. Keen Games didn’t mention anything about plans for a Switch launch, so it’s probably best to assume it won’t happen.

An Enshrouded player character cautiously ventures into a mine, wielding a magic staff that glows with fire

Looks like a great place to build a base.

Is Enshrouded on GeForce Now?

It is! If you own the game on Steam and have a GeForce Now plan, you can stream it through Nvidia’s cloud platform without having to download the game on your device.

Does Enshrouded work on Steam Deck?

It works, but not very well. Most players report that the framerate is very choppy, so you might want to hold off playing on Steam Deck until Keen Games works on Enshrouded’s stability.

Is there an Enshrouded roadmap?

Sort of. Keen Games said on Reddit that the team has an internal roadmap, along with a set of features for players to vote on, but the team hasn’t shared that map publicly yet. Keen Games said they want to address crashes, stability, and framerate problems before moving on to new features, so don’t expect any sizeable updates in the near future.

Does Enshrouded have PvP?

Technically, no, but players have found ways to grief their co-survivors. As of the early access version’s launch, whatever you acquire while playing in another player’s world goes with you when you leave. Some people are swiping resources – not too terrible, since they respawn – and equipment – definitely not nice behavior – and leaving, so keep that in mind if you’re teaming up with strangers to play.

They didn't beat you up, but they stole all your stuff.

They didn't beat you up, but they stole all your stuff.

Does Enshrouded have controller support?

Enshrouded supports gamepads, including the Xbox Wireless Controller and PS5’s DualSense, though it doesn’t always work immediately. You may need to launch Steam in Big Picture Mode or toggle Steam Controller Input settings, if you’re having trouble.

Does Enshrouded have an ending?

Ish? The early access version has endgame quests and challenges, but you can keep crafting, building, and surviving as long as you want. There’s no situation – yet – where you reach some kind of victory condition and the credits roll.

Is Enshrouded procedurally generated?

It is not. The Enshrouded map is the same every time you start a new run, which is convenient, since you don’t have to guess around for where to find important resources.