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Enshrouded metal scraps locations and metal scraps farming tips

Scrounging for scraps

You’ll need plenty of Enshrouded’s metal scraps to craft better gear and tools early on in the survival game, and finding them means getting a bit inventive. While you can find pieces of metal lying around in certain places, you’ll find even more if you dismantle objects yourself to get it.

Our Enshrouded metal scraps guide explains where to find metal scraps, how to get more of them, and what you can use them for. If you’re after more Enshrouded help, check out our amber locations guide.

Enshrouded metal scraps location

An Enshrouded character with a tool made from metal scraps is looking over a stone town inspired by medieval architecture

You need metal scraps to make metal tools and metal sheets, because, well, of course you do

Metal scraps in Enshrouded drop from certain enemies, show up in random places, and can, literally, come from anything metal. Most Scavenger enemies drop metal scraps on defeat, and while you typically get just one or two scraps from each Scavenger, it adds up once you start raiding Scavenger camps.

You can also get metal scraps by dismantling or destroying any metal object. Camps have quite a few of these – cages, for example – though you can destroy the pods in the Cindervault to get metal scraps as well. Look for pods in any other vaults you visit, and destroy them for metal scraps.

Shrines and towers don’t have pods, but they do have several vases and other metal objects you can destroy to get scraps. Some players say you can get metal scraps by breaking furniture of any variety, but that’s not entirely true in my experience. The furniture needs to be made of metal for it to give up metal, which, y’know, kinda makes sense. Otherwise, you’ll likely just end up with wood.

Enshrouded metal scraps farming tips

A map showing where to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

Enshrouded has plenty of Scavenger Camps, but these two are the easiest to reach early

We haven’t figured out yet if destructible objects respawn in the same way that resources do, but you can farm Scavenger camps for more metal scraps. Enemies respawn after roughly two hours or so, and there’s a small handful of Scavenger camps near your starting location and the Springlands Ancient Spire.

You’ll need a grappling hook and glider to reach one the Scavenger Camp with Abandoned Mineshaft, though, the southernmost camp marked on the map above. That camp, and the Rookmore settlement just to its north, are home to several enemies you can grab metal scraps from, and you should be able to breeze in and out of the Scavenger’s Hill camp – the northern spot on the map – easily as well.

What are metal scraps for in Enshrouded?

An image showing a metal scrap in Enshrouded

Pretty deep lore for a scrap of metal.

Metal scraps turn up in several important early-game crafting recipes, including the Shabby Pickaxe that you need for amber farming and pretty much every other tool upgrade that takes the item from stone to metal.