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Enshrouded: where to get Mint Mushroom Meat

Where to get Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

Mint Mushroom Meat may sound like a surprisingly tasty dish served only in the fanciest of restaurants, but it’s actually a resource in Enshrouded that you’ll need to craft some of the high-level armors in the game. Specifically, the Hunter and Sharpshooter armors both ask for Mint Mushroom Meat in their creation.

We’ll tell you where you can find Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded so you can put it to use.

Where to get Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded


Mint Mushroom Meat is obtained from the green mushrooms in the Nomad Highlands. This region is one of the last you’ll access in the game, on the far east of the map just before the Kindlewastes. Your flame will need to be at least Level 4 before you can enter the area.

The large green mushrooms in question can only be found in the shrouded areas of the Nomad Highlands – specifically in the areas blanketed with a green fog. Once you’re there wander around until you spot the big mushrooms you’re looking for and get harvesting – make sure you grab as much as you need for your new armor.