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Enshrouded tin locations and tin farming tips

If you only had some tin

Finding Enshrouded tin locations seems like a daunting task, as they’re fewer in number than other resources in the survival game, though if you know where to look, you can get a lot of the shiny stuff in one go. Our favorite tin farming route is shroudless and in safe places, so once you do a bit of prep work, the process is mostly hassle-free.

Our Enshrouded tin locations guide points out where to get plenty of tin without much fuss.

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How to get tin in Enshrouded

A node of Enshrouded tin sits nestled in a cave wall, surrounded by mushrooms

Tin nodes resemble giant dirt mounts with metal pieces sticking out.

Tin is an ore you need a pickaxe to mine, and that pickaxe needs to be at least Scrappy – tier two – level or higher. While tin shows up in quite a few crafting recipes, you won’t be able to harvest it freely until you’ve made a fair bit of progress. Most tin locations are near the Nomad Highlands and Umber Hollow regions.

Enshrouded tin locations

A map showing Enshrouded tin locations near the Nomad Highland tower

The Shroud Root Cave near the Nomad tower is a quick and easy source of tin.

The best places to look for tin are near the Nomad Highlands spire, which serves as a convenient fast travel point when you want to come back for more. The easiest tin location to reach from here is slightly to your northwest.

Glide down from the spire, and enter the cave you see – identifiable thanks to its glowing blue entrance. A Shroud Root is inside, so deal with that first and then look at the back of the cave. The back wall is covered with tin nodes, and with no enemies and no shroud to deal with, you can bag as much as you want at your leisure.

A map image showing where to find Enshrouded tin near the Umbral Hollow

And so is this spot.

The mine rift to the Shroud Root Cave’s west has tin, but it’s also full of enemies. A quieter location is further south, on the western edge of the Umber Hollow. The walkway down into the shroud is lined with tin, and there are (usually) no enemies around.

Some players farm the Nomad spire itself for a chance to get tin bars from breaking objects, and that’s a viable option. The randomness of the items that drop and the bother of dealing with the traps inside make it a bit tedious for me, but the chance to get processed materials for your trouble makes it worth the effort.

Enshrouded tin farming tips

If you set up a fast travel point near the Umbral Hollow, you can harvest quite a bit of tin in a short amount of time. Start from the Nomad Highlands spire, and swoop down to collect the tin from the Shroud Root Cave.

Put your Flame Altar fast travel point somewhere safe near the Hollow’s cliffs, and use that to quickly descend into the Hollow, get your tin, and get back out.

Like Enshrouded’s other resources, tin nodes respawn after several real-world hours.