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F1 Manager 2023: best teams to start with

Find the right team for the kind of playthrough you want to experience
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Anyone who knows anything about Formula 1 in its current state knows that Red Bull Racing is the dominant force in the competition – and that certainly holds true for F1 Manager 2023 as well. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that they are the best team for everyone’s playthrough.

In a way, your starting team in F1 Manager 2023 is a difficulty modifier: Teams at the top will have more opportunities to earn money, which means more resources for development and staff. The backmarkers on the other hand will need to balance things more carefully and make sacrifices to get the ball rolling.

We’ve ranked all teams in F1 Manager 2023 so you can find the best one to start your career with.

Red Bull

  • Difficulty: Very Easy

F1 Manager 2023’s easiest start is certainly with Red Bull. While the pressure for good results is very high in the Austrian team, it comes with huge financial resources, the best car by far, a four year contract with the best driver on the grid, a well-developed HQ, and some of the best staff members available – frankly, you’ll find it hard to actually lose a win in the first season.


  • Difficulty: Easy

Did you expect to see Aston Martin here? So did I, to be honest. However, the Scuderia has a lot going for it: Without the clown fiesta that is its strategy department in place to hinder its efforts, the legendary team from Italy is actually incredibly strong at the beginning of the season. It has the quickest car after Red Bull (despite the team overview in the game saying otherwise) and a very solid driver pairing. Are you going to catch the Red Bulls? Unlikely. But you’ll be able to secure P2 in the championship and work your way up from there.

Aston Martin / Mercedes

  • Difficulty: Easy

Aston Martin and Mercedes go toe to toe with each other right from the start in F1 Manager 2023 – the Aston Martin car is a little bit quicker on most tracks, but Mercedes has the advantage in most other respects, so it’s a close battle. Leading both teams is great from a narrative point of view as well, so anyone looking for hard fights in the top half of the field could make no better choice than one of these two teams.

Alpine / McLaren

  • Difficulty: Medium

Both Alpine and McLaren have potential, be it in terms of financial resources or strong drivers, but the beginning of the season is going to be hard for them. Alpine is going to be contention for points most of the time, while McLaren is a bit below in the pecking order and will really need to grab those precious opportunities to score.

Alfa Romeo / Haas / Williams / Alpha Tauri

  • Difficulty: Hard

Say hi to the backmarkers. The opportunities for points are going to be rare, your finances won’t look all that great, and you’ll have some holes in your driver and staff rosters that you’ll need to fix at some point – but like a surgeon in a crisis situation, you’ll need to triage problems and decide on priorities, doing one thing at a time while grabbing any chance you can to change your fate. Leading any of these teams to podium finish will be a great achievement.

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