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Fortnite weekly challenges: how to earn trick points, consume Slap Berries, and more

Fortnite Adrenaline Rush challenges are here, and we'll tell you how to complete everything in Chapter 4 Season 1 Week 12

Fortnite’s latest set of weekly quests is here, and this time they’re all about styling it out and looking cool. You’ll be getting hopped up on Slap, doing tricks in various vehicles, and busting moves while you make your mark on Fortnite’s world. You can get 16k XP for completing each of these challenges, and there’s more in store if you complete enough of them.

We’ll tell you how to complete every single Fortnite challenge for Chapter 4 Season 1 Week 12.

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Consume Slap Berries in a single match (5)

Fortnite Slap berry

Slap Berries can be found all over the grassy areas of Fortnite’s map. They grow on little bushes and look like orange/yellow raspberries. Eating them will restore a little bit of health and let you regenerate stamina at a significantly increased rate for a time.

Get 3 seconds of air time in a land vehicle (1)

Fortnite getting air in a car

There are plenty of land vehicles to be found in Fortnite, with petrol stations, main roads, and towns often having vehicles laying by the side of the road. When it comes to getting air, the lighter the better. You’ll just need to find a high spot to ramp off of and sail to the ground for at least three seconds – or build your own ramp.

Emote for 5 seconds while or after claiming a capture point (1)

Fortnite capture point

Claiming a capture point at any POI will help you find loot and track down your opponents easily. However, it’s quite tricky to do as anyone in the nearby area will be looking to take you out and claim the point for themselves. What you’ll need to do is get into a safe spot – potentially by building yourself a little bunker – and emote for 5 seconds while people try to get you.

Earn 500,000 trick points in a single match while riding a dirt bike (1)

Fortnite air on Dirt bikes

Dirt bikes can be found in just about any location with a garage in this season of Fortnite, so getting your hands on one shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have it, getting 500k trick points will take a lot of doing, but there are ways to boost yourself up.

Just getting airtime is enough to earn you points, but you can quickly create ludicrous multipliers with tricks. The easiest way to get this challenge is to gather a decent amount of resources and create your own massive ramp to trick off for easy points.

Destroy objects (10) (4 stages)

Fortnite pickaxe

It’s time to go mad with your pickaxe, tools, and explosives to destroy any objects you can find in the world. An “object” in Fortnite is pretty much anything that isn’t a wall, floor, or roof, so swing our pickaxe with reckless abandon for this 4-stage quest.

Deal damage to opponents with assault rifles (200) (4 stages)

Fortnite Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are one of the easiest weapons to use in Fortnite, as they sit right in the middle of the range, damage, and fire-rate triangle. Using one as your default weapon is a pretty common strategy, so as long as you’re playing often enough, you should be able to clear all four stages of this challenge in no time.