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The last Fortnite Cipher quests are coming out now, and you have just a few days – until March 10 – to complete them all and get the unique rewards. We’ve got a guide to help with the encrypted Cipher quests, but today it’s one of the unencrypted quests that has left players scratching their heads.

This quest asks you to place down four recruitment posters and marks a few locations on the map where you can do so. Those spots are often in layered areas though, so it’s good to know what you’re looking for. We’ll tell you all of the recruitment poster locations so you can complete this quest.

Fortnite: Where to place recruitment posters

Fortnite recruitment posters are placed in secretive spots.

Fortnite recruitment posters are placed in secretive spots.

While you only need to place four posters, there are multiple spots where you can do so, often quite close by.

Anvil Square – Here you’re looking for the stables, which are on the southeastern edge of the area. You need to find the hidden room by breaking a locker, then go down and the two spots to place posters are both in there.

Shattered Slabs – The spot for this one is inside the little opening in the northwest corner of the area.

Faulty Splits – The bowling alley is your target here. Known as Splits Bowl, break in and go to the Cold Blooded Vault. Here you’ll find a whopping three spots to place posters.

Lonely Labs – There are many snowbanks around this area, you’re looking for one that has a shipping container sticking out of it. There’s one spot for a poster there.