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Fortnite Wilds, the newest season, is available to play right now. You’ll need to download a 16GB update first, but once that’s done you’re ready to go with Chapter 4 Season 3. There are many things we already knew were coming this season: a jungle biome, Optimus Prime, and some changes for Fortnite Ranked, but there’s still plenty more to discover.

We have this season's full Fortnite patch notes so you know what to look out for when you drop into your first game of Fortnite Wilds.

Map changes – Fortnite Wilds

Fortnite Wilds jungle

A new jungle biome has been added to the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 map.

As expected, a big jungle biome has been added to the map this season, making for an interesting battleground. There’s a lot of uneven terrain and the thick trees make it easy to hide, but there are some flora and fauna around that make life a little easier.

For one thing, you can walk atop the jungle trees. The canopies of leaves let you avoid getting caught up in the rough terrain below – unless you need it for a quick escape, of course. There are four unique flowers too:

  • Bomb Flowers explode when you damage them.
  • Stink Flowers release toxic gas when you damage them.
  • Slurp Plants heal/shield you when you damage them.
  • Hop Flowers bounce you high into the air when you stand on them.

New weapons – Fortnite Wilds

Fortnite Wilds Kinetic Boomerang

The Kinetic Boomerang is a cool new Fortnite Wilds weapon.

A wide array of new weapons have been added this season, making your arsenal more varied than ever before:

  • Thermal DMR – A sniper rifle with a thermal-vision scope.
  • Flapjack Rifle – A light machine gun with a spinning magazine that is highly effective against structures.
  • Kinetic Boomerang – An explosive boomerang that you can recall at will.
  • Cybertron Cannon – A quick and powerful rocket launcher.
  • Wildwasp Jar – A swarm of wasps will attack a nearby player until they can reach water or mud.

Ride raptors – Fortnite Wilds

Fortnite Wilds raptors

Raptors roam the jungle in Fortnite v25.00.

A dangerous foe, but a potential friend lurks in the jungle as raptors roam the bushes. They’ll attack you viscously, but if you can jump on one’s back then you’ll have a speedy mount with a powerful bite.

Mud slide – Fortnite Wilds

Fortnite Wilds mud camoflague

Sliding in mud will help keep you hidden in Fortnite C4S3.

The floor of the jungle is rather muddy, and if you feel so inclined to slide in it, you’ll get a nice advantage. Not only do you slide much faster than usual in mud, but you’ll become coated in a brown camouflage that will help keep you hidden from other players.

New Reality Augments – Fortnite Wilds

Fortnite Wilds Wildwasp Weaponry Reality Augment

New Reality Augments change the game in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3.

Brand new mid-match buffs have been added to the Reality Augment system, which are all centered around the new jungle mechanics:

  • Primal Companion – Gain thermal vision and regenerate health while riding an animal.
  • Wildwasp Weaponry – Recieve Wildwasp Jars and gain another with every elimination.
  • Spirit Lines – Gain a Slap effect upon using grind vines, rails, ziplines, or ascenders.
  • Shell Slide – Gain shotgun shells while sliding.
  • Swift Shotgun Reload – Shotguns reload faster.
  • Reckless Rifle Reload – Assault rifles reload faster with an empty magazine.
  • Medium Ammo Aquired – Immediately gain medium ammo and find more ammo in containers.