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Genshin Impact: all trial answers to defend Lyney

Objection, your honor!
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The Genshin Impact Fontaine update is fresh out of the oven and players are already right in the thick of things – and, of course, the adventure in the nation of justice, which is obsessed with the law and with trials, had to end up before the judge’s bench at some point. The only surprise: The Traveler is not the suspect of some crime themselves, even though Fontaine’s erratic Archon Focalors, also known as Furina, tried her best to get them arrested upon their arrival.

Instead of the Traveler, Lyney ends up as the suspect of a crime during Act 1 of the Fontaine Archon Quest. It’s up to the Traveler to collect evidence and present Lyney’s case at court in a duel against the Archon herself, for Furina is acting as the prosecutor in this case.

If you’re feeling a lack of confidence in your lawyering abilities – seriously, where is Yanfei when you need her? – then fear not: We’ll walk you through Lyney’s trial and show you the right pieces of evidence and the correct answers to use at court to successfully clear his name.

Genshin Impact Furina at court.

Furina is acting as the prosecutor in Lyney's trial.

Genshin Impact: all answers for Lyney’s trial

Furina will begin by stating her case and accusations against Lyney. Listen until it’s your turn to speak, then refute her claims and present the correct pieces of evidence to support your point. You do this by selecting “identify loopholes” and then choosing the right evidence in addition to the “refute” option.

Lyney attacked Halsey

You’ll want to refute this vector of attack by pointing at “Lyney’s Statement”.

Lyney kidnapped Halsey

This preposterous suggestion can be refuted by using the “The Voice in the Oratrice Core Chamber” evidence.

Lyney knocked Cowell out

The evidence to refute this claim is “The Young Lady’s Clothes”.

Leave the other two statements empty.

Genshin Impact trial mini-game success.

The scales of justice even out after refuting Furina's wild claims.

After this exchange, Furina will follow up with a question for evidence that can prove that Lyney wasn’t in the tunnel when the crime took place. You’ll want to use “Strange Sound During the Magic Show” here.

To fully clear Lyney, you’ll need to figure out the true culprit of the incident in another mini-game by deducing correct facts from the existing evidence. 

Choose the following answers to form a strong hypothesis:

  • Gardes Investigation Report
  • The Magic Trick
  • The Young Lady’s Clothes
  • The Deceased’s Identity

For the second logic chain, these are the correct answers:

  • Lyney’s Statement
  • Strange Sound During the Magic Show
  • The Deceased’s Identity
  • Broken Flower Vase (This answer only becomes available by choosing the wrong options first, so you’re intended to fail here by design.)

The third and final logic chain needs to be answered as follows:

  • The Deceased’s Identity
  • Dropped Hook Rope
  • Water from the Primordial Sea
  • Audience-Side Magic Box Structure
Genshin Impact Neuvillette leading the process at court.

Furina will attempt one last attack on your case after some twists.

After this scene, you’ll need to refute more of Furina’s claims by selecting the correct pieces of evidence.

Halsey dissolved

You can refute this by using “Strange Sound During the Magic Show”.

Infighting Between Lyney and Cowell

The “Broken Vase Flower” is the correct answer to refute this claim.

Lyney knocked Cowell out

Again, “The Young Lady’s Clothes” will be able to refute this statement.

You can leave the other two statements unrefuted once again.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette declares Lyney and Lynette not guilty.

Neuvillette seems to be a lot more level-headed than his Archon.

This should hopefully be enough information to clear Lyney’s name in front of the court. It’s probably a good idea to keep this lawyering experience in mind for the near future, because Fontaine’s Archon Quest might well contain more duels in front of the judge’s bench.