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Genshin Impact has started a new web event called Starlit Sky, which allows you to obtain a number of primogems and other in-game resources for free. You can also win physical items such as a new smartphone, tablets, and a PS5.

Starlit Sky will be available until February 11, 2023. During the event you need to collect eleven cards containing artwork of Genshin Impact characters enjoying the fireworks at Liyue’s annual Lantern Rite Festival.

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to claim your free primogems.

Genshin Impact Starlit Sky: how to get free primos

First, navigate to this website and then log in using your in-game account or your HoYoverse account.

Use the button in the bottom center of the screen to look for firework cards. You need to collect all eleven to complete the event. If you run out of searches, you can gain additional attempts by completing daily tasks through the bottom right button. These include things like sharing the event or visiting one of Genshin Impact’s social media pages.

You can check your current collection out via the card inventory button, where you can choose one artwork display as your main event screen – they’re all pretty cute, so go ahead and enjoy them all.

Screenshot from a Genshin Impact web event.

You can trade cards with other users to complete your collection and obtain additional items.

Another important option here is the swap card button. If you’re missing a card in your collection and have duplicates of another, you can use this button to set up a trade. Click it, configure the trade you’re looking for and post the generated link for other people who’d like to trade.

Trading cards through this option is how you claim the prize for “Setting Off Fireworks Together”, which consists of 20,000 Mora and two Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Getting all eleven cards will net you 40 primogems, which you can use on the current character banners.

You can claim all your rewards through the card collection prize draw button. Importantly, you can also find your personal lottery number for the physical items there. HoYoverse will announce the winner on HoYoLAB on February 13, 2023.