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A critical strike during the first round of Genius Invokation, the Genshin Impact TCG, gives you a huge advantage for the rest of the game. Most of the best decks you can build from the various character cards, event cards, and support cards the game is offering are primarily intended to complete the PvE adventure challenges, which prevent such an approach with certain game mechanics.

However, if you need a deck that specializes in duels – whether against NPCs or human opponents – that follow the regular rules of the game, you are well advised to follow the principle mentioned at the beginning.

This guide introduces you to a Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG deck, which is able to kill off one of your opponent’s characters during the first round of the game.

First Round Kill deck - Genius Invokation

The First Round Kill (FRK) deck threatens the opponent with eliminating one of their three character cards in the opening turn. If all three of a player's character cards are eliminated, a game ends. Such a move not only gets you already a third of the way toward victory. In addition, you limit your opponent's options for the rest of the game and ruin their strategy right off the bat. So much for theory.

What does an FRK deck look like? This deck composition comes from a player named org36 and proved exceedingly deadly in a recent tournament of Genius Invokation TCG, remaining undefeated for five matches and clutching second place.

The three character cards used are the Fatui Pyro Agent, Yoimiya, and Collei.

Genshin Impact character Collei with a puzzled look on her face.

Collei's Dendro ability enables this deck to critically strike a character during the first round of play.

The rest of the deck consists of the following cards:

  • 2x Floral Sidewinder
  • 2x Paid in Full
  • 2x Lucky Dog’s Silver Circlet
  • 2x Liyue Harbor Wharf
  • 1x Knights of Favonius Library
  • 2x Favonius Cathedral
  • 1x Tubby
  • 2x Elemental Resonance – Fervent Flames
  • 2x Elemental Resonance – Woven Flames
  • 2x Changing Shifts
  • 2x Toss-Up
  • 1x Strategize
  • 1x Leave it to me!
  • 2x Send Off
  • 2x Northern Smoked Chicken
  • 1x Mondstadt Hash Brown
  • 1x Lotus Flower Crisp
  • 2x Mushroom Pizza

This deck is particularly strong against human opponents because it contains a powerful psychological element: The mere threat of a critical first strike often causes your opponent to panic, interrupting their planned game setup and thus forcing them into mistakes. That disruption by itself is already an enormous gain for you and requires no specific action on your part aside from playing the correct opening.

First Round Kill openings - Genius Invokation

For the successful opening with an FRK deck, you must get the following cards in your hand:

  • Floral Sidewinder or Elemental Resonance – Fervent Flames

In addition, you’ll need at least one of the following cards:

  • Northern Smoked Chicken
  • Elemental Resonance – Woven Flames
  • Changing Shifts
Changing Shifts is one of the key cards for this deck, as it'll allow you to save dice on switching.

Changing Shifts is one of the key cards for this deck, as it'll allow you to save dice on switching.

First Round Kill with Fatui Pyro Agent

For a first strike with the Fatui Pyro Agent, you must have rolled five Pyro dice, and you need Northern Smoked Chicken or Woven Flames.

You attack twice with the standard attack, then with your Elemental Burst.

Against human opponents, this is almost a worn out maneuver at this point and you should be careful with it against Xingqiu decks specifically. Accordingly, this is the version of FRK that is least recommended to use against fellow players.

First Round Kill with Collei and Yoimiya

Variant 1 of FRK with Collei and Yoimiya requires Floral Sidewinder and at least one copy of Northern Smoked Chicken, Woven Flames, or Changing Shifts. You must also have two Pyro dice and three Dendro dice available.

Start with Yoimiya's ability and follow up with one of her standard attacks. Then switch to Collei and use Floral Sidewinder. End phase damage should finish off your target.

Variant 2 of FRK with Collei and Yoimiya relies on Fervent Flames and at least one card from Northern Smoked Chicken, Woven Flames, or Changing Shifts. You will need three Pyro dice and three Dendro dice for this to work out.

You start with Yoimiya's ability and standard attack again, and then switch to Collei. This time, however, you use Elemental Resonance and then Collei's ability. Again, end phase damage should do the trick.

Contingency Plan

If the plan doesn't work, you still have the option to go for the long term win with your Pyro Agent: Food, Favonius Cathedral, and Lucky Dog’s Silver Circlet will keep him alive for a long time. As mentioned, you will already have gained an advantage by forcing your opponent to adapt their opening to survive your first strike.

The Pyro Agent’s skill should slowly erode the health of your opponent's cards, making them vulnerable to the combination of Yoimiya and Collei or an Elemental Burst from the Pyro Agent to finish them off.