Hades 2: the best Tarot Cards you should always equip

The best Hades 2 Tarot Cards to enhance your power for every run
Hades 2
Hades 2 / Supergiant Games

In Hades 2, one of the only ways that you can gain power between runs is through the Tarot Card system. These unlockable buffs can be a huge help in your runs, giving you abilities like mana/health regeneration, dodge chance, and even the ability to defy death. Plus, they can all be upgraded into even more powerful versions of themselves.

That said, you can only have a limited number active at the same time, so you have to choose wisely – especially as some will only activate under specific conditions. We’ve picked out the very best Tarot Cards available in Hades 2 so you know what to prioritize.

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1. II – The Wayward Son

Hades 2 The Wayward Son
The Wayward Son / Supergiant Games

Passive healing is always helpful, that’s all there is to it. 2HP per room (or double that if your health is low) may not seem like a lot, but every point counts in Hades 2, and a couple of boosts like this can be the difference between life an death. Plus, that value can get bigger as the card is upgraded, and it only costs 1 point, so you may as well go for it.

2. III – The Huntress

Hades 2 The Huntress
The Huntress / Supergiant Games

If you’re playing the game right, then your mana will almost always be below 100%. You should be using your omega moves at every opportunity, especially during bosses. This means that you’ll be constantly getting that big buff to your attack and special damage, and you don’t need us to explain how that can help.

3. V – The Messenger

Hades 2 The Messenger
The Messenger / Supergiant Games

A chance to avoid all damage, however small, is invaluable and can easily save your life several times in a run. The base 6% isn’t super reliable, but it stacks with any other effects you gain during your run, which can quickly add up. Plus, once you’ve upgraded it once or twice, that number becomes much more significant.

The condition that you must have 3 cards of the same point value active is annoying, but cards I, II, and XI are all just 1 point in value and easily unlocked very quickly.

4. VIII – The Unseen

Hades 2 The Unseen
The Unseen / Supergiant Games

Mana regeneration is essential. Even at just 2 mana per second you’ll be able to pull off way more omega moves than you’d otherwise be able to. Ultimately, it takes away what is usually an extremely heavy limit on your abilities, making it well worth the 5 points it costs to activate.

5. XIV – The Moon

Hades 2 The Moon
The Moon / Supergiant Games

If you’re not using your cast consistently in Hades 2 then you don’t know what you’re missing. The cast is fantastic for crowd control, and the omega version can deal huge damage, especially to the game’s many slow-moving bosses. It’s a weapon you should always be trying to get the most out of, so this passive buff to its power is an easy decision.

6. XII – Eternity

Hades 2 Eternity
Eternity / Supergiant Games

If your goal is to defeat the final boss, then having Death Defiance makes that so much easier. Quite simply, it lets you revive if your health ever falls to zero. Even just one use of it will massively increase how far you can get each run, and once you upgrade it you can get even more uses. There’s no reason to turn down what is effectively an extra life for every run.

7. XX - The Queen

Hades 2 The Queen
The Queen / Supergiant Games

Duo boons are some of the most powerful in the entire game. They combine the abilities of two of the gods and all of them pair up in unique ways. The Queen boosts the odds of you finding these rare boons, which will give you incredible abilities.

The biggest downside is that it is mutually exclusive to The Messanger, as that requires three cards of the same point value, while The Queen demands no more than two. It’s your choice as to whether you’d prefer a better chance of powerful abilities or damage avoidance.

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