Hades 2: how to get Glassrock

How get G Rock, aka Glassrock, in Hades 2
The Crossroads, your new hub area, can be expanded over time.
The Crossroads, your new hub area, can be expanded over time. / Supergiant Games

There are lots of different rock and metal types in Hades 2, and while all of them are fairly straightforward to find, it can be difficult to tell where each one spawns. Glassrock (also known as G Rock in the recipe menu), is one such mineral that isn’t required for much, but you’ll still have to try quite hard to find it.

We’ll tell you where to find Glassrock in Hades 2 and how to harvest it.

How to get Glassrock in Hades 2

Hades 2 Mourning Fields
Mourning Fields / Supergiant Games

Glassrock nodes spawn in the Mourning Fields, although quite rarely. The Mourning Fields being wide open areas can make them very annoying to search through, especially as Glassrock is found in black nodes that aren’t easy to spot in passing – which might explain why so few recipes ask for it.

Still, the best place we’ve found to get some is in Charon’s shop, as it’s quite common for a Glassrock node to spawn in that area. This is a smaller area so it’s much easier to pick it out – you’ll need the Crescent Pick to harvest it as well. Like all the other nodes, you can mine it three times to get the resource, which is plenty of what you’ll use it for.

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