Hades 2 Patch 1 notes

All the changes Hades 2's first patch introduces
Supergiant Games/GLHF

The Hades 2 Patch 1 notes are here, and the action game's first big update makes a few changes, but nothing that should drastically alter how you've approached the game so far. Top on the list is a set of adjustments to Melinoe's dash, which should make movement more fluid and easier to control. There's a set of bug fixes, some UI changes, and even a gift from Eris, assuming you managed to defeat her before now.

We've included all the Hades 2 Patch 1 notes below. If you're just now diving into the underworld, check out our Hades 2 beginner guide for some handy tips.

Hades 2 Patch 1 general gameplay fixes

  • Your Sprint is innately faster and turning is more responsive; re-scaled abilities that boost this
  • You now can Dash out of many attack recovery animations more reliably
  • You now can gather from any resource point once you have unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool; you now can Prioritize any available Tool in the Training Grounds to make its resources appear as often as before, while resources for Tools you do not Prioritize will appear far less often
  • The Swift Runner card now also makes your Dash immediate (note the faster speed means you are invulnerable for very slightly less time); re-scaled Sprint speed bonus since Sprint is innately faster now

Level design and environment changes

  • It is easier to Dash across chasms in Oceanus
  • Driftwood resources are more common in the Rift of Thessaly

Menu and UI fixes

  • Using a Well of Charon displays your current Gold without the need to check your Boon Info
  • The Grasp Upgrade Tutorial in the Altar of Ashes will repeat if ignored
  • Added Patch Notes option to the Main Menu (where you can read this!)

Hades 2 Patch 1 miscellaneous fixes

  • Early encounters with Eris are less likely to occur; she also drops something of value...
  • Related, if this already occurred, look for a one-time bonus in the Crossroads while Eris is present
  • Entries in the Book of Shadows are generally easier to reveal
  • You can gift Echo without having to wait around as long after conversing
  • Adjusted familiar upgrades invalidated by the Gathering Tool changes above
  • In the [redacted] Flashback, a hint will eventually play for players who don't realize they are in control
  • Improved mouse selection in various cases
  • Improved support for some additional controllers

Hades 2 Patch 1 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues with Dark Side (Selene)
  • Fixed Sun Worshiper (Apollo) sometimes preventing new foes from spawning
  • Fixed Fire Extinguisher (Hestia) not dealing damage as expected
  • Fixed Sister Blades Omega Attack not hitting  reliably from certain angles
  • Fixed  retaining the ability to block while afflicted with Twilight Curse (Selene)
  • Fixed various cases of foes sometimes spawning out of bounds
  • Fixed camera zoom-in getting stuck vs.  in certain situations
  • Fixed cases where you could Dash out of bounds in the Crossroads
  • Fixed Fishing Pier events in the Crossroads not passing Whiles like other similar events
  • Fixed autolock not clearing as expected while using mouse controls
  • Fixed keyboard inputs sometimes getting stuck unexpectedly
  • Fixed several input issues switching from gamepad to mouse-and-keyboard controls
  • Fixed several issues playing in ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed some visual effects vs.  lingering between phases or after the fight
  • Fixed a Melinoë voice line repeating unexpectedly around the 
  • Fixed various rare crashes
  • Fixed several text errors
  • Other minor fixes

No weapon changes just yet, so you're safe keeping your playstyle as it is for now. That said, you might want to unlock some new Hades 2 weapon aspects to power up for your next run.

Josh Broadwell