Hades 2: how to get Nightshade, Cattail, Wheat, and Poppy

How to get all of the base flowers like Nightshade, Cattail, Wheat, and Poppy in Hades 2
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The base four flower types in Hades 2 are surprisingly useful. As well as being key ingredients in many incantations, they can also all be sold to the Crossroads trade for bones, which can let you get all sorts of useful resources. All four flowers are found the same way, but in different areas, so we’ll explain where to get each one.

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How to get flower seeds in Hades 2

Hades 2 Farm
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To get these seeds, you’ll need to craft the Silver Shovel, which, as the name suggests, can be done with a bunch of Silver.

Take the shovel with you on a run and you’ll notice lots of circular soil patches appear around the place. Interact with them and you’ll dig up some seeds. You have a chance to find a mysterious seed, which can grow into any of the flower types, but normally it depends on what area of the Underworld you’re in:

  • Nightshade seeds are found in Erebus
  • Cattail seeds are found in Oceanus
  • Wheat seeds are found in the Mourning Fields
  • Poppy seeds are found in Taratrus

Once you’ve got any of them, just plant them in the soil at the Crossroads and wait for them to grow.

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