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Hogwarts Legacy: How to link your Harry Potter Fan Club account

The Harry Potter Fan Club can be linked with your WB Games account for special rewards in Hogwarts Legacy

When you boot up Hogwarts Legacy for the first time you’ll be hit with a prompt to link your Wizarding World/Harry Potter Fan Club account to your WB Games account. Doing so is worth your time as it will unlock a pair of cosmetic items you’ll get very early in the game. We’ll explain how you can link your accounts and when you’ll get your rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy House Fanatic Robes

The House Fanatic robes will be available as soon as you're sorted in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you haven’t already got a Wizarding World account then you’ll need to make one, all you’ll need is a valid email address, so it shouldn’t take too long. Once that’s set up, you’ll need to go through the site’s process of sorting you into a house and getting your wand. These are quick surveys you can blast through if you just want to get to the content.

With your house and wand confirmed, go to the Legacy Connect page found at that link, and press the button to connect. This will prompt you to either sign into a WB Games account or create a new one. Again, you only need an email address if you need to create a new account, so you can do that in a flash.

Once you’ve logged into your account via the Legacy Connect link, you’re all set.

What do you get for linking your accounts?

Hogwarts Legacy Harry Potter Fan Club rewards

You'll get your exclusive rewards once the Field Guide is unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy.

The two cosmetic rewards you get for linking your accounts are the Beaked Skull Mask and the House Fanatic School Robe – the design of which will be based on your in-game Hogwarts house. These items will be given to you shortly after the sorting ceremony in-game, once you’ve received your Field Guide.

To wear the items you’ll need to change your gear’s appearance, which you can check out our guide for at that link.

If you want to catch up on the controversies surrounding the game and book author J.K. Rowling, you can read our explainer at that link.