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Starhunt Game is the first event in Honkai: Star Rail’s upcoming 1.1 update and will begin right after the patch has gone live on the servers, so you won’t have to wait very long before exploring the new content. This time-limited event will be all about Silver Wolf, who’ll also be featured on the first 1.1 banner as a new playable character.

We now know that Starhunt Game will be available until June 19, 2023, and that you’ll need to have reached Trailblazer Level 21 to participate in the event. It’s especially important for you to take part in Starhunt Game if you’re planning to pull Silver Wolf, but won’t get her 5-Star Light Cone, Incessant Rain, from the Light Cone banner, because the event is offering a solid and free alternative.

By participating in Starhunt Game and completing Silver Wolf’s new Companion Mission, you can obtain the 4-Star Light Cone Before the Tutorial Mission Starts, an item for characters following The Nihility. Here’s what this Light Cone does:

“Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 20%. When the wearer attacks enemy targets that have reduced DEF, regenerates 4 Energy.”

You’ll want to get as much event currency, called Always Smiling, as possible to purchase Lil' Twisty Gun from the event store, the Deep Web Gray Market, which is used as a Superimposition Material for this Light Cone. That means you won’t just get a solid weapon for free, but can even maximize its effectiveness without having to rely on pulls.

How to get the Honkai: Star Rail Starhunt Game Light Cone

Here’s what you need to do after update 1.1 is out to grab Silver Wolf’s free Light Cone and upgrade it:

  1. Complete the Companion Mission Punklorde Mentality to activate graffiti markers and then collect and analyze all graffiti. This will unlock Before the Tutorial Mission Starts.
  2. Enter the Starhunt Game Arcade Challenge and complete the missions in the Hidden Codes, Access Screening, and Sealed Sector segments to get Always Smiling event currency.
  3. Purchase all Lil’ Twisty Gum materials you can get from the Deep Web Gray Market with Always Smiling event currency to superimpose Before the Tutorial Mission Starts.

The Deep Web Gray Market will remain open until June 26, 2023, so make sure to maximize your Light Cone before that deadline comes up.