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How many chapters are in Last Epoch?

How many chapters does Last Epoch's campaign have and how long does it take to beat?

It’s been a long time since Last Epoch’s campaign saw an update. So, with the 1.0 update recently dropping, long-time players and newbies alike are wondering if any new chapters came with this milestone update. The game has expanded dramatically, and it’s already been revealed that there are more chapters planned for the future.

We’ll tell you how many chapters are in Lost Epoch right now, and roughly how long it takes to beat the campaign.

How many chapters in Last Epoch’s campaign?

Last Epoch artwork.

Last Epoch’s campaign is nine chapters long. This means that there haven’t been any new chapters added for the 1.0 update, but the developers have said that three new chapters are planned, and will be coming in future updates.

How long this takes will vary a little depending on how thorough of a player you like to be, but on average, Last Epoch’s campaign takes 15-20 hours to beat. However, as a CRPG, the end of the campaign is far from the end of the game’s content, not to mention all that’s planned for the future of the game.