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How to invite friends to join your LEGO Fortnite world

How to play together with your friends in LEGO Fortnite
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LEGO Fortnite, like any good survival crafting game, lets you play alongside your friends so you can build and create together. As we discovered in our LEGO Fortnite hands-on preview, you can have up to 8 players in a world at the same time, letting you get a healthy creative community together in one place if that’s what you want.

We’ll show you how to invite your friends so they can join your world, and even give them access to it when you’re not online.

How to invite friends into your world – LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite player list

You can add up to 8 players to your LEGO Fortnite world and give seven of them keys.

If you open up your inventory you can navigate to the “Players” tab where you’ll see a list of everyone currently in the world, and the option to invite friends. Once you hit that button you can do it via the normal system for Fortnite, by clicking invite from your friends menu.

Once they’re in you have an additional feature, as you can give up to seven of your friends a “key” to your world. This allows them to access and play your world even when you’re not online, otherwise, only the host would be able to invite people. It allows you a bit more freedom, although make sure you only give it to people you trust.