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LEGO Fortnite patch notes: PvP, Launch Pads, and new villagers

Full LEGO Fortnite patch notes for version 28.10, adding PvP, Launch Pads, and many other tweaks and fixes

Fortnite’s first major content update of the year is good news for any LEGO Fortnite players, as there’s some new content coming to that game as well. Nothing massive just yet, but there are some very welcome additions and changes, alongside a huge list of bugfixes that will make this survival crafting game a much smoother experience for everyone.

We’ll cover all the major changes in this LEGO Fortnite update so you can hop in and get back to work building your villages.

PvP enabled

The biggest feature is that you can now enable PvP in your worlds if you want. It will be added as a selectable option when you create a new world or edit and existing one from the menu, letting you damage other players if you’re so inclined.

Launch Pads

Lego Fortnite Launch Pad

The big new item added is Launch Pads. Like the ones in the main Fortnite game, you can step on these to launch yourself high up into the sky, which can be especially useful for quickly traversing mountainous terrain – or if you just need to get onto the roof of your buildings. You’ll need a Level 3 crafting bench in order to create one.

New villagers

Three new NPCS, Bushranger, Rustler, and Tomatohead, have now been added to the pool of potential villagers who can appear and ask to live in your village. Additionally, you can now eject villagers from your village if you don’t want them anymore by destroying their bed and then asking them to leave when talking to them.

Loot improvements

Lego Fortnite new skins

While chests are a good way to get some rare LEGO Fortnite items, they often leave you feeling a bit disappointed – especially if you’ve had to solve a puzzle or defeat enemies to get to it. This has been cured as better loot has now been added to those chests to reward your efforts. Also, if you now have unwanted monster drops – like the endless pickaxes dropped by skeletons – you can delete them by throwing them into the campfire.

More building parts

A lot of improvements have been made to building. Firstly, placing a building is better, as you can place buildings on slopes and it will automatically delete any small bushes or rocks that are in the way without you having to manually clear them. Second, you can now abandon a building mid-way through building it, letting you stop mid-way through a blueprint and customize it to your liking.

Finally, a variety of new floor, wall, and roof types have been added to the game so you can build a greater variety of creations.