Minecraft: how to craft a Mace

How to craft a Mace in Minecraft, added in update 1.21
Mace / Mojang

The Mace is one of the big new items added in Minecraft 1.21. It’s not the most powerful weapon, but when combined with certain enchantments it makes for a unique combat experience. It has the ability to negate the effects of armor, deal massive damage, and let you bounce around the field with ease.

We’ll explain how to get the components you need to craft a Mace in Minecraft 1.21. Plus, if you want to know what else is new, check out our Minecraft 1.21 patch notes.

How to craft a Mace in Minecraft

Minecraft Mace recipe
Mace recipe / Mojang

To craft a Mace you’ll need to place one Heavy Core on top of one Breeze Rod in a crafting table, but getting those two things isn’t easy.

Breeze Rods only drop from Breezes, which only spawn from spawners in Trial Chambers. Check out our guide on how to find Trial Chambers in Minecraft if you still need to find one. Thankfully, they’re a relatively common drop.

Heavy Cores are more tricky, as they can only be obtained by doing Ominous Trials, the trickier version of Trial Chambers. We have a full guide on how to get Heavy Cores in Minecraft if you want to know more.

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