Minecraft: how to brew every potion

How to brew every potion in Minecraft, with a full list of ingredients
Potions / Mojang

There are a lot of potion effects in Minecraft that can come in handy when you’re taking on the game’s various challenges, but with so many different effects to choose from, remembering all of the recipes isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put this guide together to explain how brewing potions works in Minecraft, and a full list of every possible recipe.

How to brew potions in Minecraft

Minecraft Brewing Stand
Brewing Stand / Mojang

Starting at the most basic level, to brew a potion you need a Brewing Stand. These are crafted with a Blaze Rod and Stone Slabs, however, you can also find them in villages from time to time. The Brewing stand is fuelled by Blaze Powder, so you will need a fair few Blaze Rods to brew every potion. 

Craft a Glass Bottle and fill it with water to start. Then, you need to brew what Water Bottle with Netherwart, which is found in Nether Fortresses and can be grown in the Overworld on Soul Sand. 

That will make an Awkward Potion, the base for every recipe in the game.

How to brew helpful potions in Minecraft

Minecraft Potion Ingredients
Potion Ingredients / Mojang

Starting with potions that have beneficial effects, all of these require an Awkward Potion and one other ingredient. Here is a full list of all of them:


Potion Effect



Rabbit's Foot

Jump Boost

Glistening Melon Slice


Spider Eye



Water Breathing

Magma Cream

Fire Resistance

Golden Carrot

Night Vision

Blaze Powder


Ghast Tear


Turtle Shell

Resistance & Slowness

Phantom Membrane

Slow Falling

Breeze Rod

Wind Charged





Slime Block


How to brew harmful potions in Minecraft

Minecraft Fermented Spider Eye
Fermented Spider Eye / Mojang

Harmful potions are crafted differently from helpful ones. To make harmful potions you will need a Fermented Spider Eye and a helpful potion to corrupt. Fermented Spider Eyes are made by crafting a Spider Eye with Sugar and a Brown Mushroom.

Here is a list of how to craft every harmful potion:

Base Potion

Potion Effect

Awkward Potion


Potion of Healing

Instant Damage

Potion of Poison

Instant Damage

Potion of Swiftness


Potion of Jump Boost


Potion of Night Vision


How to mofidy potions in Minecraft

Minecraft Potion Modifiers
Potion Modifiers / Mojang

Regular potions aren’t all there is in Minecraft. You can create Splash and Lingering Potions to inflict the effects of it onto others, as well as level up a potion so it has a strong effect, or lasts for longer. Here's how to create each effect:


Potion Modification

Redstone Dust

Increases duration of effect

Glowstone Dust

Strengthens effect


Converts into a Splash Potion

Dragon's Breath (with a Splash Potion)

Converts into a Lingering Potion

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