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My Time at Sandrock: how to get Steel Bars for In Trusses We Trust quest

How to get Steel Bars in My Time at Sandrock without needing Graphite

In Trusses We Trust is a major quest in My Time at Sandrock, that opens up quite a lot of new possibilities once it’s completed. After the Geeglers have been wiped out thanks to their terrible train destroying the bridge, you’ll be tasked with creating one of the major parts of repairing it, the Trusses.

There is a problem though, as you’ll need Steel Bars to build the Trusses, yet that is seemingly impossible without Graphite – which is stuck on the other side of the broken bridge. Don’t worry though, as the situation is not as hopeless as it seems. We’ll explain how to get Steel Bars without Graphite.

How to get Steel Bars without Graphite – My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Iron Scrap

As we explain in our guide for how to get Graphite in My Time at Sandrock, you don’t actually need it to get all the steel you need for this quest, even though the smelting recipe requires it.

Instead, after the Geegler incident, you’ll get a letter from the scrapyard explaining that new types of scrap have become available in and around the scrapyard. Head over there and you’ll discover the remnant husks of long burnt-out vehicles. Break these down and you’ll get a bunch of Iron Scrap.

Shove these in a Civil Recycler and you’ll have a high chance of getting Steel Bars out of it. It’s not guaranteed, so it may take a little while, but you can go back to the scrapyard every day where more scrap will spawn.

Eventually, you’ll uncover enough bars to make the Trusses and you can complete the quest.