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Need for Speed: Unbound is out now, and when you combine the fast racing with some stylish flair, you get one of the best Need for Speed games for years. Unbound is a great return to form for the franchise, but you’ll quickly learn that money is in short supply, and it’ll be tough for you to earn as much cash as you’d like.

If you want more money in NFS Unbound, we have some tips for a money farm, but there’s another method that works exclusively in the Online Mode, as discovered by YouTuber Grrae. For all of the details take a look below, but be aware that this glitch might not work as effectively as you are hoping, depending on your platform and connection type.

Need for Speed Unbound money glitch method and breakdown

Unfortunately the major downside to this glitch is that it only works in the Online Mode, for reasons that will become clear very quickly. If you want to earn more money specifically for the Story Mode, then our NFS Unbound money farm guide is the best way to get cash fast – other than winning High Risk events, of course.

For everything you need to know about the Online Mode money glitch, just read through this breakdown:

  1. First, your console or PC must be connected to the internet using a method that can be forcibly and quickly disconnected. For example, using an ethernet cable, or using a mobile phone Hot Spot.
  2. Log into the Online Mode, and navigate to your Rides. Scroll over to Sell.
  3. Get ready to sell your vehicle but – this is important – disconnect your console or PC from the internet just before you attempt to sell. As soon as you disconnect, mash the confirm button as quickly as possible.
  4. If you are successful, the funds from selling the vehicle will be added to your account, but you will still have the vehicle in your inventory. It’s possible that certain connections and platforms will disconnect more quickly, preventing this glitch from working.

It’s a relatively simple glitch to perform, but unfortunately, your success rate may vary wildly depending on your platform and internet connection type.