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Nightingale: how to hit a Heartshot

How to hit a heartshot in Nightingale

If you’re going to survive, you need to know how to handle a gun and take out enemies quickly, and you’ll be hit fairly early on in Nightingale with a quest from Bass Reeves that tests just how good you can be with your ranged weaponry. Whether you’ve progressed to guns or are still using a bow, Reeves rewards accuracy and consistency.

To complete his missions you’ll need to hit any animal or enemy with a total of three headshots and two heart shots. Headshots are quite easy, as even the strangest creatures have a clear head, but the heart short can be more difficult, especially for animals like boar and deer, which have different biology to a basic humanoid.

We’ll explain how you can easily get heartshots to deal massive damage and complete Bass Reeves’ quest.

How to get a heartshot in Nightingale

NIghtingale preview screenshot

If you’re targeting Bound enemies, then you don’t have to worry too much, as their heart is in the same place as it is on a human.

However, for animals, you need to be more careful with your aim. Quadrupeds like deer and boar have their heart in a specific place, and just shooting their body won’t do it. After some trial and error in the community, it’s been discovered that to get a heartshot, you need to shoot them on their left side, just about the upper front leg.