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Nightingale: how to get Mechanical Gears

How to make or buy Mechanical Gears in Nightingale.

If you want to upgrade your workbench for further progress in Nightingale then you’re going to need more than a few Mechanical gears so everything runs smoothly. To only problem is that getting to the point where you can produce them isn’t a straightforward process, and requires just a little bit of realm hopping.

We’ll explain how to make Mechanical Gears in Nightingale so you can keep making your base bigger and better.

How to get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

Nightingale preview screenshot

Before you’re able to craft Mechanical Gears, you need to head into a Provisioner Realm, where you’ll be able to buy one – there is also a chance that an Essence Trader will have Mechanical Gears for sale, so it’s worth checking while you’re here.

Set the Brazier up in your camp with 6 Ingots and 3 Shafts, and then the Mechanical Gears recipe will be unlocked. From there you can interact with the Brazier to craft a gear for 2 Ingots each.