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Palworld cake: How to get and make the Pal cake recipe

And you can eat it, too
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Palworld cake is an important part of your Pal taming repertoire as you level up in Pocketpair’s Pokemon-alike game, as it’s a key part of Pal breeding. Like practically everything else in Palworld’s early access release, though, the open-world game is happy to let you guess at how the process works.

Our Palworld cake guide explains how to get the cake recipe, what you need to make it, and it's two primary uses.

If you’re after more Palworld help, check out our guides for where to find sulfur and how to get coal.

Palworld cake recipe: How to get it

An image showing Palworld's cooking pot, a necessary instrument for making cake

Doesn't everyone make their fancy cakes in a pot?

Palworld’s cake recipe functions in a manner similar to other food recipes. Rather than unlocking it with technology points once you reach a certain level, it unlocks in a batch of other recipes after you build the right cooking facility. To get the cake recipe, you need to build a cooking pot. Yes, you’d normally have a pretty hard time making a layered, frosted cake in a pot, but that’s the magic of video games.

The cooking pot does unlock in the technology tree, once you reach level 17. To build a cooking pot, you’ll need:

  • 20 wood
  • 15 ingot
  • 3 Flame Organ

Building an ore farm is a handy way of ensuring you have a steady supply of ingots, and we recommend dropping a Flambelle in your Palworld ranch to get more Flame Organs quickly.

Palworld cake ingredients

Mozzarina, a vital part of making Palworld cake, is standing on a dirty patch of ground with an expression of blissful contentment

Good luck finding these fellas. They run away on sight and have two large dragons protecting them in the Bamboo Groves.

You’ll need a Pal whose work suitability includes the Kindling ability, so consider using that Flambelle from your ranch or a Foxparks for the job. The recipe itself requires:

  • 5 Flour
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Eggs
  • 2 Honey

How to get flour in Palworld

You need Palworld’s wheat and a mill for flour. The process takes a little while, but by the time you've reached level 17 and unlocked the cooking pot, you should have everything you need to set up a wheat plantation. 

Where to get berries in Palworld

Berries grow on bushes all across the Windswept Plateau, so if you don’t have room for a berry farm, you can just scavenge them.

How to get eggs in Palworld

Chikipi, the low-level chicken Pal from early in the game, lay eggs at the ranch. Make sure to build one if you haven't already, and assign your Chikipi to it. Just one bird is more than enough for a steady supply of eggs. Even if you don't make that much cake, you can use the eggs to feed your Pals while you're away..

How to get honey in Palworld

You can get the sweet stuff from several sources, though recommend getting a Beegarde for Palworld honey.

A map image showing Palworld's Bamboo Groves, where Mozzarina live

Milk comes from cows, and cows live here.

How to get milk in Palworld

Milk comes from Mozzarina, the cow Pals you can find wandering around west of Bamboo Grove in the area between the Ravine Entrance and Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel points. 

The usual material collecting rule applies here. You get milk for capturing or defeating a Mozzarina, but your best bet for plenty of milk is taking one back to your ranch.

How to use cake in Palworld

Once you build a breeding facility, which unlocks at level 19 in the technology tree, you can plop a cake in the box outside to encourage your Pals to do their thing. Cake is also a strong choice for increasing your Pals’ sanity. If you’re working them too hard, make sure to have some cake on hand to even out the negative effects.