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Palworld: How to get a flying Pal mount

Everything you need to get your first flying pal and take to the skies in Palworld
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Flight has fascinated people for thousands of years, and the fact is that it’s a bit disappointing that we’ve mostly figured it out now. I mean, how it works, I haven’t personally learned how to fly. Soaring across the clouds has always been an ambition of mankind, and these days it can be realised in a small passenger plane, or with a glider if you’re willing to launch off a mountainside. Alternatively, you can figure out flight in a video game, and there are few better ways of doing it than on the back of a winged beast in Palworld.

No, this isn’t a musing about mankind’s obsession with flight, this is a video game guide for Palworld, and in it we’re breaking down how to capture an flying pal that you can ride through the skies of Palpagos.

There are a bunch of flying creatures you can potentially mount up on in Palworld, but one of them is much easier to capture early than the others. For everything you need to fly through the skies in Palworld, read through our flying mount breakdown below.

How to ride a flying mount in Palworld

The Nitewing Saddle is the earliest flying pal saddle available.

The Nitewing Saddle is the earliest flying pal saddle available.

First off, riding a flying pal is basically the same as riding one that can’t fly, and we’ve got all the basic steps you need in our ‘how to mount and ride a pal’ guide.

The basic explanation is, you need the Pal Gear Workbench from Technology Tier 6, and then you need a mountable flying pal, in addition to the related Pal gear.

Early flying Pals you can ride in Palworld

Flying opens up a world of new possibilities.

Flying opens up a world of new possibilities.

The earliest possible option for you will probably be the pal Nitewing, as you can unlock Nitewing Saddle on Technology Tier 15.

Once you’ve got both a Nitewing pal and Nitewing Saddle, you can simply let the pal out of the Pal Sphere and hold the Ride button to mount up, followed by using the ascend and descend buttons at the bottom of the screen to control elevation. Good luck!