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Palworld: how to find Lunaris

How to find and catch Lunaris in Palworld

There are a small handful of Pals in Palworld that are only encounterable as bosses. If you want to catch any of these Pals you’ll need to find where they spawn in the world, reach their level, and take them down so you can catch them. Lunaris is one such Pal, only being found in one specific spot as an alpha battle.

We’ll show you where to find Lunaris and how to defeat them.

Palworld Lunaris location

Palworld Lunaris

Lunaris is found on the southernmost island on the map, directly west of No 1. Nature Sanctuary. There’s a fast travel point on the southeast tip of that island that you should pick up before you try to fight Lunaris, just in case you die and need to quickly return.

As for fighting it, despite how it looks, Lunaris is actually a Neutral-type Pal, which means that Dark-types will exploit its weakness. As it’s level 32 you will be able to bring some basic ballistics to the battle as well. Stay in cover and try to let your Pal take the aggro while you whittle it down from a distance, then strike with a Pal ball when its health is low enough.