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Palworld: how to make and use a Ranch

How to make a Ranch in Palworld and use it to get resources from your Pals

Pals will drop plenty of resources when you catch or KO them out in the wild, but there are some things that you might want a more reliable way to produce. For those items, there is the Ranch, a building in Palworld where you can let your Pals sit and graze, and in exchange, they’ll produce whatever item is associated with them.

Only certain Pals can be put in a Ranch though, so we’ll explain how to build one and how to use it.

How to build a Ranch in Palworld

Palworld Ranch

The Ranch is a Level 5 unlock on the tech tree and to craft it you’ll need 50 wood, 20 stone, and 30 fiber. Each ranch can only hold one species of Pal at a time, so you’ll need multiple ranches if you want to produce more than one item.

How to use a Ranch in Palworld

To make a Pal use a Ranch, pick it up and drop it in the Ranch, at which point it will be permanently assigned there. A Pal can only be assigned to a Ranch if they have the Farming work suitability – you can find out more about work suitabilities in Palworld at that link.

The following are the Pals we currently know can be put in a Ranch and what they produce:

  • Lamball – Wool
  • Chikipi – Eggs
  • Vixy – Pal Spheres, Gold Coins (10), Arrows (3)
  • Cremis – Wool
  • Mau – Gold Coins (10)
  • Mozzarina – Milk
  • Woolipop – Cotton Candy
  • Caprity – Red Berries, Wool
  • Melpaca – Wool
  • Flambelle – Flame Organs