Paper Mario TTYD Cake Mix: where to get and how to use Cake Mix

A full breakdown of how to get and use Cake Mix in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will have you running all over town collecting a variety of items and ingredients to solve both the main quest and smaller Troubles alike, and there’s one item in particular that you will need for at least two of these tasks: Cake Mix.

Cake Mix is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Use it and you can bake a cake – use in conjunction with another item to make a specific type of cake. It’s not complicated, but getting it is, a bit. For everything you need to know about Cake Mix, including where to get it reliably and how to use it, just read through our guide below.

Cake Mix location – Paper Mario TTYD

Pianta Parlor is the only place to get Cake Mix.
Pianta Parlor is the only place to get Cake Mix. / Nintendo

Cake Mix can only be purchased in one location, and you can’t buy it with normal gold coins.

The Pianta Coin exchange rate.
The Pianta Coin exchange rate. / Nintendo

The Cake Mix can be purchased as a “prize” from the Pianta Palor on Rogueport’s West side. It only costs 6 Pianta Coins, but you’ll either need to win or purchase those Pianta Coins, and the rates can feel extortionate. One Pianta costs three gold coins at the exchange, so it’s not too expensive, but still…

How to use Cake Mix – Paper Mario TTYD

Zess T. can cook up Cake Mix.
Zess T. can cook up Cake Mix. / Nintendo

Some quests just require the Cake Mix by itself, but if you need to actually make a cake, you’ll need to visit Zess T., the Toad chef that lives near the entrance to Rogueport’s West side – you’ll remember her as the woman that lost her contact lens.

Visiting her in her house will open up the ability to cook with a single ingredient, and after completing a later Trouble, you’ll be able to cook with two ingredients. You can use the Cake Mix as the main ingredient, and then make different kinds of cakes when two ingredients become available.

Just using Cake Mix by itself will result in a tasty Mousse Cake, which is necessary for a Trouble.

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