Paper Mario TTYD Courage Shells: how to quickly get Courage Shells

How to buy Courage Shells easily in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

An early optional objective in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door has the shopkeeper in Rogueport asking you for five Courage Shells to replenish their stocks. You’ve probably come across a few in your travels, but if you’ve already used them, the shopkeeper is going to be disappointed.

Drop rates for Courage Shells for enemies are minuscule, which means if you want more, you’ll have to buy them. Scroll down below for everything you need to know about getting extra Courage Shells in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Courage Shell locations – Paper Mario TTYD

Petalburg's shop sells Courage Shells.
Petalburg's shop sells Courage Shells. / Nintendo

If you want as many Courage Shells as you can carry, simply head to the shop in Petalburg, the first main town after Rogueport. Petalburg’s shop sells Courage Shells for just five coins each, meaning the five you need to complete the quest will only cost 25 coins in total, even if you didn’t have any to start with.

Since we’re traveling to different shops, here’s a quick tip: some items will sell for more money in different locations, meaning you can stock up on one item type, travel to a different place, and then sell them all for a quick profit. Though, just fighting enemies might be a faster way to make money.

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